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Sketch Community Roundup #1 - March, April and May 2018

With almost 90 meetup groups around the world, our fast growing Community is a huge part of what makes Sketch great.

Building a global community around design

From humble beginnings back in 2010 Sketch has grown into the definitive tool for digital design, and the go to app for screen designers everywhere. As Sketch has evolved, so too has the community around it, and we’ve witnessed the incredible growth of our Meetup groups—designers, developers and creatives all over the world sharing knowledge, advice and of course, their love for Sketch.

This vibrant community is a huge part of what makes Sketch great and we’re incredibly proud to say there are now almost 90 Meetup groups around the world. Since the beginning of the year Sketch meetups have been held in over 40 cities across the globe—from New York to Buenos Aires and Shanghai to Cairo, all thanks to the hard work and dedication of our Sketch Ambassadors* *who organize events, host workshops, run training sessions, and share their skills, knowledge and ideas with the rest of the community.

Sketch meetups have taken place in more than 70 cities all over the world.

Check out this roundup of some of the amazing events hosted by Sketch Ambassadors around the world in March, April and May this year.

Sketch Meetups

Sketch & Design — Manila, Philippines

Our Sketch Meetup group in Manila was started in March this year and has quickly grown to over 270 members. Our Sketch Ambassador, Aldrich Tan has already hosted two events that have featured talks about improving design workflow using Sketch and discussions about Libraries and plugins. A product designer from Sprout Solutions also shared how their design team has migrated to Sketch and how that has improved their focus and design workflow. If you’re based in or near Manila, you can check out the Meetup page here.

Sketch Meetup in Manila at KMC Solutions

Sketch & Design — Dallas, USA

The Sketch Dallas meetup has hosted three events since last fall, creatively titled; “Pizza & Pixels with Sketch. Dallas based companies Omnitracs, JCPenney and Bottle Rocket Studios have generously hosted the events and shared their best practices for the design process. Sketch Ambassadors Kevin Smith and Ahmed Arshad invite attendees of all levels to bring their laptops and follow along during the hands on talks. If you’re local to Dallas make sure to sign up and stay tuned for their next event.

Sketch Meetup in Dallas, USA.

Sketch & Design — Bogotá, Colombia

The Sketch community in Bogotá is rapidly growing through the hard work of our Sketch Ambassadors, Ruben Avilah and Germán Hernandez, who organize frequent events for Sketch users of all abilities. Their May event was centered around design systems and front end design. If you’re nearby, make sure to look out for their next event this summer.

Sketch & Design event in Bogotá, Colombia

Sketch & Design — Stockholm, Sweden

Marwin Brandt and his team of four organizers recently hosted their third Sketch event on the topic of Mastering Sketch. Speakers at the event talked about prototyping, organizing files and improving the design process.

Sketch & Design — Cologne, Germany

The Cologne Meetup group recently hosted their inaugural event in May and it was a big success, with over 70 people attending. The event featured talks on Sketch Libraries, collaborating with Abstract, and how to work with Sketch and Chrome Development Tools. Our Sketch Ambassadors Maximilian Güth and Chantal Wollschläger streamed the event and you can check it out here. We’re really looking forward to helping organize their next event—if you want to be a part of it, join the Meetup group and look out for the announcement.

Sketch Ambassadors rocking their Sketch tees in Cologne, Germany.

Sketch & Design — Munich, Germany

Sketch Ambassador, Silvia Bormüller hosted another fantastic event in Munich in May, sponsored by Google and held in their local offices. More than 90 attendees were treated to talks about creating user flow Libraries and drawing skeuomorphic illustrations in Sketch. Their next meetup is already scheduled for July so if you’re interested check out the Meetup page to find out more.

Attendees enjoy a Sketch meetup in Munich.

Sketch & Design — Prague, Czech Republic

Also in May, Sketch Ambassador Myroslav Fanta hosted the second ever Prague meetup at INLOOPX. It proved to be a popular event with all 60 tickets selling in just two days! The meetup included talks on how to define a visual language and tips for developing your craft and working remotely. Check out the Meetup page to find out when Myroslav is hosting the next event.

Attendees in Prague taking in a talk at INLOOPX.

Sketch & Design — São Paulo, Brazil

The São Paulo Sketch Meetup group must be pretty busy— they’ve managed to have two meet ups in the last three months, one in March and one in April. Sketch Ambassador, Vitor Guerra ran his first meetup back in 2017 and was overwhelmed by the response. Over 120 people attended with 140 more on the waiting list. If you want to get a taste of what these events are like you can check out the live video of their first event on Facebook and join the group on Meetup.

Attendees at a Sketch Meetup in São Paulo.

Sketch & Design — Athens, Greece

In Athens, Sketch Ambassador Theo Tsongidis and Katerina Miliaraki hosted their third meetup in May. It was rich in discussion and over 80 attendees enjoyed a talk about timeline animation and the new prototyping features in Sketch. You can find out when the next Athens meetup is taking place by joining their group.

Sketch & Design — Barcelona, Spain

The Barcelona Sketch meetups are run by an awesome team of Ambassadors. Manuel Fuentes, Salvador Guerrero, Chris Roy, Denisse Pinies and Marta have already hosted events in March and May this year, one looking at component based design and the other exploring methodologies. These guys run regular meetups and the next one is already in the works so, if you want to be a part of it, make sure to check out the group for future events. The next topic is “Design systems for large SaaS platforms”.

Attendees showing off their swag.

Sketch Ambassador Marta presenting to the crowd in Barcelona.

Sketch & Design - Bangalore, India

Supreeth Srinivasamurthy, our Ambassador in Bangalore organized the third Sketch meetup there in March. Local designers and developers got to together at GO-JEK for a laidback meetup, to talk about prototyping and share their latest work. Join the Bangalore Meetup group to find out when and where the next event is taking place.

Sketch Workshops

As well as meetups, our Sketch Ambassador’s also organize and host workshops where new or experienced Sketch users can learn new skills and hone existing ones. Alessandro Mastrogiacomo, our Ambassador, in Florence, Italy has been hosting some intimate Sketch workshops since the beginning of the year in a really cool space. The next two workshops are on June 21st, and July 26th. Check them out in the Sketch & Design Florence Meetup group.

Sketch workshop in Florence Italy.

Meng To, author of the brilliant book, Design+Code, has recently appeared at Sketch meetups in Hangzhou and Shanghai, China to share his knowledge and inspire designers. These events were organized by Sketch Ambassador Ding Yi, who has organized 11 events across 8 cities in the last two years—an incredible feat! If you’re based in China and would like to attend these events you can follow Ding Yi on Instagram to find out more. Meng To also has more fantastic workshops coming up this year, so make sure to check out his event list if you want to attend.

Meng To presented to large audiences at events in Hangzhou and Shanghai.

Our Sketch Ambassador in New York City, Francesco Bertocci, also hosts frequent workshops. In April he held a “Basic Sketch” workshop and is currently planning a Sketch workshop with Meng To, that we’re really excited about. Check out the video below to get a feel of the events and join the group on Meetup to find out what’s coming up.

At Sketch & Design Lisbon, Daniel Devera and his team from EDIT.WORK recently organized a two day workshop where over 200 attendees heard talks about various design topics. You can learn more about this event and hear why organizers, speakers, and attendees think these workshops are important in the awesome video below. Our Porto Sketch Meetup group will be hosting a similar event soon.

A growing community

The list of Sketch meet ups, workshops and communities is always expanding. While it’s incredibly exciting to see established meet ups continue to grow and thrive it’s also amazing to witness the number of new Sketch groups that are popping up all over the world.

A few of our newest Sketch communities recently hosted their first events. In Cochabamba, Bolivia, Carlos Collazos was joined by around 30 people to chat about all things design. In San Salvador, Harold Caceres organized a fantastic event, featuring multiple speakers and hosted in partnership with the School of Communication Mónica Herrera. At the end of April, another “first ever” meetup was hosted in Cairo, Egypt by Maged Morsy.

Attendees had a great time at the first ever Sketch meetup in Cochabamba, BoliviaAnother inaugural Sketch meetup was held in Kathmandu, Nepal where close to 100 people signed up to learn more about working with Symbols, Libraries and Plugins. In Stuttgart, Germany, Katharina Clasen hosted her first event a few days ago, looking at the ever important topic of Design Systems and she is already planning her second event for July 3rd. In March, Jake Mapalo and his co-organizers, hosted the very first event in Cebu, Philippines where a crowd of over 50 people enjoyed four presentations and a chance to talk shop. Earlier this year, Sketch Montreal also hosted their first event with an intimate crowd.

We’ve also seen the rise of other Sketch communities who haven’t had the chance to organize a meetup yet. If you’re local to Colombo, Sri Lanka, Shenzhen, China, Pune, India, Sylhet, India, Sicilia, Italy, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Kansas City, USA or Curitiba, Brazil then keep an eye out for the first Sketch meetup or workshop coming to your area soon. Thanks to all of our Ambassadors who’ve been pioneers for these new groups and events all across the globe!

Speaker and attendees at Kathmandu, Nepal.

Smiling faces at meetups in Cairo, Egypt…

…and in Cebu, Philippines

Find events near you or host your own

Check out our brand new, redesigned Community page where you can get info about upcoming events, see pictures from past ones and even get in touch to start a meetup in your area. If you’re passionate about design and want to build a community around it then we’d love to hear from you.

Sketch meetups are happening all over the world in the next few months. Check out the list below and keep an eye on our Meetup page to find out when events are happening in your area.