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5 powerful Assistants to help you improve your projects

Install these third-party Assistants to keep your documents organized, accessible, and in sync with your design system

We often talk about how our community makes Sketch better. Whether you’re a daily user submitting feature requests that help us make the Mac app even more powerful, or a developer building incredible extensions that improve things for everyone, it all makes a difference. So when we launched Assistants in version 68 with our community in mind, we knew you would support our vision for better design.

We weren’t disappointed. Here, we’ve pulled together five of our favorite Assistants from the Sketch community — you can download them directly from this page, or find out more about them in our Assistants directory.

Don’t forget, with some JavaScript knowledge (or a frontend developer friend to team up with) you can also build your own Assistant that does exactly what you need. Find our more in our announcement post.

For now, let’s take a look at some Assistants.


By Yana Gevorgyan

Accessibility Assistant Logo

Accessibility, from Cluse creator Yana Gevorgyan, has a set of rules that help you create more accessible designs. It’ll help you spot color contrast issues between shapes as well as text layers, so you can make everything easier to understand for the visually impaired. Pair it with the Cluse plugin and you’ll be able to easily correct everything using a simple, slick interface.


By Todor Iliev with Dimitriy Bunin and Roman Banks

Organizer Assistant Logo

When you’re into the flow of designing, it’s easy to forget to delete empty groups, follow naming conventions or remove forgotten fills, shadows and borders. But for many design systems and workflows, keeping your files organized is essential. That’s why Organizer from Slice is so useful. It’ll help you keep your files neat and tidy with prompts to reorganize the elements you need — and remove the ones you don’t.

Artboard Status & Navigator

By Francesco Bertocci

Artboard Status & Navigator Assistant Logo

Artboard Status & Navigator (from Sketch Ambassador and Design Advocate Francesco Bertocci) gives you a quick and easy way to organize your artboards and navigate to them fast using Assistant rules. Simply add an emoji to your Artboard name to show whether it’s work in progress, approved, ready for sign-off or ready for handoff, and the Assistant will gather them into categories for fast access. You can add custom strings to suit your own needs, too. Perfect for when your projects grow and the Layer List starts filling up.


By oodesign

Duplicates Assistant Logo

Nobody likes clutter. Duplicates fulfills a simple task that’s easy to forget when you’re finished with a design — reminding you to remove duplicate Symbols, Text Styles and Layer Styles. It’s a quick way to tidy up your document before review or handoff, and acts as a handy reminder to keep your document streamlined.

Sketch2React Conventions

By The Sketch2React team

Sketch2React Assistant Logo

For designers that use Sketch2React’s framework, this Sketch2React Assistant is a must. It includes rules to help you stick to the framework, including page names, Artboard names, group names and more. This one is a specific use case, but it’ll be a huge help for those that need to stick carefully to Sketch2React’s conventions — and saves you manually checking everything before you’re finished.

This is just a selection of the Assistants available right now — and there are more going live all the time. Keep an eye on our directory for more in the future. And if we missed an Assistant you love, let us know.

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