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Director of Engineering

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    Full-time remote

Over one million designers — from freelancers, to some of the largest companies in the world — use Sketch to transform their ideas into incredible products, every day. Over the last ten years, we’ve helped define the UI Design software category and we’re proud to help designers over the world create great products.

However, our goal stretches beyond helping individuals design better products, but also to build better products together with their teams. We believe design sits at the heart of a collaborative product-building process. And with this in mind, we’ve spent the last couple of years making Sketch a powerful platform for teams to collaborate and create with.

We care deeply about our core values and about creating the best design tool. To do that, it's important that the Technology team, as the core of the product development process, maintains the highest possible level of quality and efficiency. At the same time, we want to make sure everyone in the team grows professionally and has a great experience within the company.

The Technology team is already more than 70 people — and growing. There are nine engineering teams. Five of them are product-driven with around 45 people.

We are looking for a Director of Engineering to lead these product-driven engineering teams and guarantee they grow aligned with the company and product goals. Each Engineering Manager from these multi-functional teams will report to you.

This role will report to the CTO, and you will be focused on building and managing high-quality and efficient fully-remote product-driven engineering teams. The Technology team is based mainly on European timezones, although a small number of people works from the Americas.

About Sketch

We’re a company of diverse thinkers and doers who take pride in always improving our product. We share a vision and commitment to help each other — and our customers — create great work.

We’ve been fully remote since day one. It’s meant we can bring together incredible people from around the world. You’ll join over 70 Mac, backend, frontend, QA, infrastructure engineers and managers in the Technology team, based everywhere from Scotland to South Africa, and Lithuania to the US.

We encourage our people to be themselves and embrace what makes us unique. We value different backgrounds, perspectives and experience, and we strongly believe this is key to achieving outstanding results.

We work asynchronously as much as we can. Our team communicates mostly in writing, using Slack and GitHub. When we need it, we also have video calls. We have a culture of collaboration and knowledge-sharing, and we provide the environment and the tools you need to do your best work.

Your responsibilities

Every team has its own roadmap, but inter-team coordination is fundamental too. You’ll need to create and maintain global processes, and help the teams stay coordinated during cross-team projects.

Our Engineering Managers are fundamental for the success of the different product development teams — and you’ll need to help them to be the best EMs they can be. You’ll coach them to manage their engineers and to handle performance evaluations, career development, etc. You’ll also help them to manage conflicts and problems to keep everything running smoothly.

You’ll give your EMs clear directions and expectations, and set them personal goals. You’ll also coach them to help achieve them.

You’ll work with the EMs and the rest of the developers and QA to improve quality guidelines and consistency across teams and among the different horizontals (backend, frontend, mac dev, etc.). One of your missions will be to guarantee autonomous and efficient teams with high-quality outcomes.

You’ll partner with HR to have comprehensive, effective and goal-based hiring processes. You’ll coach the hiring managers in your team to collaborate with HR as well, and understand how to make hiring both respectful and efficient.

You’ll find opportunities to keep your team happy and efficient. That includes getting them the right training and knowledge to do their jobs effectively, as well as finding team-building opportunities, which are especially important in a fully remote organization.

Who are we looking for

  • Sketch is a fast-paced company. We make plans and are organized — but things happen fast. You are a proactive person and have a vision and a plan for your team. You try to be prepared for unexpected events. And you ask the same from the managers reporting to you.
  • As a Director of Engineering you deal with information constantly. You know that in a fully-remote company, with an engineering team of more than 70 people, it’s easy to miscommunicate. You know it’s important to be clear and precise, and you are very careful with details. You make sure you perfectly understand every piece of information before acting upon it or relaying it to someone else. You are also able to adapt your communication style to its intended target to convey your message better.
  • Collaboration is fundamental at Sketch, and always comes before individualism. You know when and how to involve your peers, reports and managers to make important decisions. You can rely on your colleagues to make a decision, but you can make them yourself as well.
  • Everyone around you is different and everyone in your team is usually affected by your decisions. You are empathetic and try to understand each person and foresee how they will react to different changes.
  • You are a great listener. You pay attention to people’s differences and make an effort to understand their motivations and expectations. At the same time, you are an energetic person. You show passion for managing the team in every conversation.
  • At Sketch we don't like micromanagement. To be successful as a Director of Engineering, you understand how to put the right people together to get the most out of them. You have experience managing managers and have a proven track record in getting everyone in the team aligned to the company needs without micromanaging them.
  • Everyone in Technology and Product at Sketch ‘speaks technology’ in some way. Although encouraged, you don’t need to have a technical background. However, you are able to navigate technical conversations and ask the right questions to get clear and actionable information.
  • Sketch is Sketch. It may have similarities with other companies but it has its own culture, and it’s special for many reasons. It’s fundamental that you have experience with different types of companies and team topologies, so you understand what works — and what doesn’t — in different situations.
  • You have high-quality standards and you don’t settle for so-so solutions. You create processes that solve specific problems without creating new ones. You get straight to the point in verbal and written communication, removing unnecessary noise.
  • At Sketch we take our culture and values seriously. In a diverse organization, there’s room for many different people. You have experience working with diverse teams, in many different senses: nationalities, social and ethnic differences, cultural backgrounds, gender, etc. You’ve worked with introverted and extroverted people. You respect everyone’s differences while you are able to align everyone under the same company culture and values.
  • Our Technology team is mainly based in European timezones. At this point, it is essential that your work hours naturally overlap most of the time with the rest of the team.

We care about your wellbeing and your professional success, so we offer you:

  • Flexibility to organize your own time, with no set hours
  • As many vacation days as you need
  • Whatever training you need to develop in your job
  • The laptop you need
  • The option to work anywhere in European/African timezones
  • Company equity
  • Paid family leave
  • An annual company meetup
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