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Technical Support Specialist (Technician - US)

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    Full-time remote

Over a million designers use Sketch to transform their ideas into incredible products every day. Want to join us and help us take our customer support to the next level? We’re looking to grow our talented team with a full-time Technical Support Specialist.

The job

As a Technical Support Specialist at Sketch, your focus will be on giving our customers the help they need, fast. We expect you to manage these inquiries and respond in a friendly, respectful, and helpful manner, from general questions to specific product-focused Howtos and bugs.

About you

You have a success story in Customer Support as a technician with knowledge in IT and macOS. You are passionate about solving complex technical issues and filing bugs. You have the patience to listen to problems and enjoy getting into the details to understand what’s going on.

You can credit experience with support services related to enterprise in areas like authentication schemes (like SSO), file hosting services, MDMs, account management and security procurement processes.

Above all, you seek a good balance between solving a problem fast and providing a good solution. You’ve always been a multitasker with a strong focus on quality.

You’re looking for a new adventure and want to feel that what you do is meaningful both for you and for others. You’re a team player who’s willing to work in a fast-paced environment with shifting procedures.

About Sketch

Sketch is a 100% remote company, and your colleagues are distributed around the globe. Being remote adds excellent flexibility and helps us build a more diverse team. We put respect for each other above everything else.

In Customer Support, there are 14 people split into two teams — Account Ops and Technical Support. The Technical Support team that you’ll be joining has seven team members. We truly believe in teamwork, and we usually work together on solving problems for our users. We often interact with people from other teams such as Product, Design, Technology, Customer Success, and Security.


  • You have experience in customer support roles and problem solving
  • You are an expert troubleshooting problems when configuring SSO with different IDPs
  • You have a solid technical background and are proficient with macOS Systems and Applications
  • You are willing to join a flexible support team to help Sketch users via email, live chat, or video calls
  • You have excellent communication skills and strong written and spoken English
  • You are a team player, adaptable and used to fast-paced environments

What you will do if you join our team

  • You will be part of our Technical support team and help Sketch users when they have a problem. Your experience as a technician and problem solver will be valuable
  • Help customers with their onboarding process, configuring SSO and answering to security procurement processes
  • Learn about UI/UX and Sketch, deep diving to master the product
  • Monitor and solve product and technical issues arising before and during product releases
  • Manage simultaneous incoming support tickets effectively
  • File customer queries with the Product, QA, and Technology teams when needed
  • Identify and assess queries so that your response is in line with Product features
  • Provide accurate, valid, and appropriate solutions within a reasonable amount of time — and follow up to make sure they’re resolved
  • Keep proper documentation of your interactions and contribute to a process repository
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