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The Sketch Advocate role is open to the most valued members of our community. We want to help them in the amazing work they do and empower them as trustworthy design community leaders.

We’re currently working on updating this program — more details coming soon!

We’ll be offering Sketch Advocates a whole package of support — ranging from personalized event materials, to training sessions and speaking opportunities.
You can find detailed information on all of the perks, as well as eligibility requirements, below.


Here’s what you can expect as a Sketch Advocate. Over time we might change or update this list, but we’ll be sure to let you know in advance about any changes:

  • Speaking opportunities at external events we support, from conferences and webinars, to other local meetups.
  • Potential referrals to partner companies for training sessions.
  • Personalized profiles on our Community Hub to reflect your expertise and availability in your region.
  • Financial support towards your events, when and where possible. (This will be handled on a case by case basis.)
  • Exclusive webinars with design industry leaders like Pablo Stanley, the team from Avocode, and more.
  • Anniversary and birthday celebrations with exclusive gifts.
  • Online monthly get-togethers where our Community team takes you through various topics covering design, community management and all things Sketch.
  • An exclusive Achievements scheme with awards ranging from personalized event banners to Apple Store gift cards, unique Sketch swag and more!
  • Shoutouts on our social media channels and newsletter for your upcoming events to boost attendance and spread the word about your efforts.
  • Sketch license(s) to be raffled at each event you host. The number of licenses will depend on the number of attendees at your event.
  • Licenses from our partners Avocode, Overflow, Sympli and Blush to give away. (And we’ve got more partnerships like this on the way!)
  • Official Sketch swag for you to share with your community — from t-shirts and enamel pins, to socks, hoodies, water bottles and more!
  • Direct access to the Sketch Community to ask questions, submit feature requests, or just to chat all things Sketch!
  • Sketch Beta invitations and chance to participate in feature tests, review sessions and more.
  • The opportunity to participate in our Sketch Research Program where you shape the future of our product and earn rewards for your input.
  • A monthly newsletter, including the latest updates about Sketch and our community.
  • An invitation to our Sketch Research Slack community.
  • A whole range of resources (design and event related).

Advocate Achievements

As you grow your community you’ll unlock achievements and earn exciting rewards for yourself, your co-organizer(s) and your community. Celebrate your anniversary event with Sketch cupcakes, earn a gift card, or enjoy photo props for your next meetup. These are just a few of the ways we want to say thank you for your commitment to growing a vibrant Sketch community in your city.


Being a Sketch Advocate involves plenty of dedication — for both you and us! We’ve laid out a few guidelines to give you an idea of what it involves:

  • You’ll hold quarterly (or better still, bi-monthly) Sketch Meetups
  • You’ll participate in our Beta program and play an active role in giving feedback about Sketch
  • You’ll plan regular events focussed around our new releases and important features
  • You’ll stick to our visual guidelines, Sketch Advocate Code of Conduct and Slack Etiquette for Sketch Advocates*.
  • You’ll actually engage with our Facebook group and, where possible, start conversations.
  • You’ll mention Sketch (using our social handles) when promoting your events on social media.
  • Above all, you’ll know Sketch inside out, stay passionate and fly the flag for us!


We’re deliberately keeping the Sketch Advocates program small so we can offer everyone the best level of support. Not everyone can become one, but if you think you’d be a great fit, we’d love to hear from you!

If you think you have what it takes, apply through our form here.

We evaluate each and every application carefully and if you are a fit, you will be hearing from us within two working weeks.


As a Sketch Advocate, there are a few guidelines we need you to follow to make sure you’re representing us consistently across all of your events and communities. If have you have any questions about these guidelines or aren’t sure about anything, please let us know.

We reserve the right to request changes to your event listings and community presence if we find that they don’t follow our guidelines and we haven’t given you permission to do things differently.

If you consistently ignore these guidelines, we will need to consider removing you from the Sketch Advocate Program.

Visual Guidelines

We’ve put together a set of templates to use for your group/event pages and social posts. Please use these whenever you need to create artwork.

On our Advocate Resources you’ll find an instructions page which tells you exactly how to use these templates. Please follow these instructions carefully.

If you find that the templates we’ve provided aren’t suitable for you needs, or you’d like to create something different, please email us and check with us first.

Language Guidelines

  • Your group name should always follow this format: Sketch [city name]. If you need to use something different (for example, if there is another Sketch community group in your city), please email us and let us know first.
  • Wherever possible, your group page URL on sites like Meetup should follow this structure: /sketch-[city name] — we know this might not always be possible, so use your best judgement here and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re unsure.
  • Always make your event titles descriptive and avoid vague ones like: Sketch Event #3. An example of a good event title is: Understanding Symbols, Styles, Libraries and Design Systems.
  • Try and avoid using emojis and/or special characters in your event titles.
  • If you mention Sketch in your event title, it should be in a positive way. We’d also prefer if you avoided advertising a different tool, or switching from Sketch to a different tool.
  • Wherever possible, use the format Mon 17 Feb for dates in your event artwork or descriptions.
  • Be sure to list us in your event description as follows: “We’re proud to represent and be supported by Sketch.”
  • Make sure you only ever refer to us as Sketch. We are not “Sketch App” or “Sketchapp”.
  • Suggested Group Related Topics: Graphic Design, Web design, Interaction Design, User Experience, UX Design, UI/UX, User Interface Design, UI Design, Mobile User Experience, UI/UX design, UX/UI, Icon Design

We retain the right to review and request changes to your images/meetup page if it’s inconsistent with our community and brand guidelines.

Inactive Groups

Inactive Sketch Advocates will be treated on a case-by-case scenario and demoted after 4 months of organizing no events.

Common questions

  • Can my company be a Sketch Ambassador / Sketch Advocate?

    The short answer is yes! Some of our Ambassadors and Advocates team up with their company/companies to lead their Sketch communities and we’re happy to support this. We do however need a single point of contact. Let us know your details and we’ll figure things out.

  • When do the changes you are making start to roll out?

    September 24th. Any future events announced from that day onwards will be evaluated according to the new scheme. Any events you have before that date will have the previous Sketch Ambassador scheme in place.

  • How many Sketch Advocate slots are available for now? Will there be more seats opening in the future?

    So far we are aiming for one Sketch Advocate per country to ensure geographical diversity but we don’t want to put any limits. However, we are currently aiming to test the Advocate program with 20 Sketch Advocates in its initial launch phase.

  • I am currently a Sketch Ambassador but I want to become a Sketch Advocate. Can I keep my community?

    Of course you can! In order to become a Sketch Advocate, you need to fill out our application form here. Based on your application, if you will be selected to become a Sketch Advocate, you will need to update your community according to the visual guidelines we provide and make sure you are on the same page with all other Advocates.

  • What happens if I am a Sketch Advocate or a Sketch Ambassador and I don't hold events for 3 months?

    If you are a Sketch Ambassador, we might just reach out to just see if all is going well and if we could can help you with anything and that’d be it.

    If you are a Sketch Advocate, we might contact you before 3 months to give you a heads up on the termination of your Sketch Advocate title as having regular events is one of our main expectations from the Sketch Advocates. As a result, you might be considered as a Sketch Ambassador and your profile might be removed from our Community Hub.

  • I unlocked an achievement before the change of the program and still haven't received my reward. Will my reward get cancelled?

    Not at all. Just keep our community team updated on your situation and email us with details of the achievement you’ve unlocked. We’ll need the date you unlocked it, event details, and all the required proof to get your reward sorted out.