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Sketch Shanghai

Shanghai, China

Hanfei Xu
Hanfei Xu

What we're about

Sketch Meetup @Points 由 Points 主办,Sketch 授权及赞助的 UI/UX 设计活动。Sketch Meetup @Points 将以分享会、工作坊等形式聚集设计师的力量去发现、挑战线上产品问题,复盘并分享设计经验和技巧干货。

Sketch Meetup @Points is a common platform in order to interact and learn from each other.

We want build a community for young adults to share the creative and Inspiring thoughts. We focus on use our spare time to add creative value for those young designers, developers, makers and entrepreneur. We want to create and share the new thoughts though our different events.

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