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Comments & Notifications

Bring ideas and feedback together — learn how to use comments and threads in the web app to get feedback from colleagues, stakeholders or anyone you share your designs with.

How to comment on documents

You can add comments against any Artboard in a Workspace document in the web app. To get started, make sure you’re viewing an individual Artboard, that the sidebar is showing on the right (click on the sidebar icon in the top-right to show or hide it it) and that you’ve selected the Activity tab.

From here, you can browse and add comments, or reply to any comment in a thread. If you want to edit or delete a comment, hover over it, click on Dots Cloud and pick the action you need. You can use emoji, Markdown and mentions in your comments and replies.

Note: By default, we enable comments for all documents. To disable comments for a specific document, head to its overview, click on the cog icon Settings in the top-right and choose Document Settings…. From there, uncheck the Comment option and choose Save.

How to use comment threads

You can use threads to reply to any comment outside of the main feed. Threads make it easy to organize discussions and keep track of different conversations.

To get started, find the comment you want to reply and start a thread against and click the Reply link underneath it. Type your comment, then press Enter to post it.

Comments that already have a thread will show the number of replies underneath them instead of a Reply link. To open up that thread, click on the X Comments link.

How to manage comment notifications

You can choose to get notifications for new comments on a specific thread, a single Artboard (or a selection of them) or for the whole document. By default, we’ll enable notifications for any document you comment on, but you can change this at any time.

To receive notifications for a whole document, go to the document’s overview page and select Follow this Document in the dropdown menu in the sidebar. Choose Stop Following this Document to stop receiving notifications.

If you want to receive notifications for a specific Artboard, open that Artboard and choose Follow this Artboard from the dropdown menu in the sidebar.

Controlling notifications for specific threads works in exactly the same way. Click on the X Replies link below a comment to see the Thread, then click on the Follow this Thread option in the dropdown menu.

How to view comment notifications

You can access all your notifications by clicking on the Updates tab in the left sidebar of the window. In the Updates page, you can read all the replies and mentions in documents that you’ve subscribed to. Click on any comment or mention to jump to the related Artboard or document and read it in context or reply.

Click on the tick to the right of the notification to mark it as read — or choose Mark all as read.

Last updated on 02 Aug 2021

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