Shared Libraries

We’ve already mentioned the ability to store a Sketch Document on a service like Dropbox or Google Drive and add it as a Library in Sketch, allowing you and your team to import Symbols and components from one, definitive source. As well as this, you can upload and subscribe to Shared Libraries on Sketch Cloud, and because Shared Libraries are built on open web technologies, they can be stored anywhere on the internet.

Shared Libraries on Sketch Cloud

As well as downloading Documents directly from Sketch Cloud you can also add them as Shared Libraries. These Documents will be added directly to your Library list in Preferences and you will be able to accept any changes that have been made to the original Document.

When you subscribe to a Shared Library it will remain linked to the original Sketch Cloud Document. If the original author uploads a new version of the file, you will receive a notification in Sketch and be given the choice to update your local Library as well.

This is especially useful if you’re working with a team as it allows your team members to subscribe to a single Library on Sketch Cloud and receive any changes the Document owner makes to Symbols and styles in the Library.

Shared Libraries on Sketch Cloud also provide a perfect way to distribute free UI Kits or other Libraries that you want to share with the community.

As with all Documents uploaded to Sketch Cloud, your Library files will be private unless you choose to share them. To allow your Documents to be added as Shared Libraries, simply select the “Allow others to download this Document” option when you upload your file to Sketch Cloud. If your Document is private, anyone you share the link with will be able to add it to Sketch as a Shared Library.

Note: If you have chosen to make your Document public and allowed others to download it then anyone who wants to can add the Library to their Library list and receive updates.

If you want to add a Document from Sketch Cloud as a Shared Library, just click Download › Add Library to Sketch and the Document will be added to the Libraries tab in Preferences. Once you’re subscribed you will be notified if the original Document is updated.

Apple UI Design Resources

Sketch includes several built-in Libraries including Apple’s iOS 11 design template. This is a Shared Library hosted and managed by Apple themselves. The Apple UI Design Resources is an expansive Library and very useful if you’re working on designs for iPad or iPhone.

You can download the Apple iOS UI Library from the Libraries tab in Preferences and, when Apple updates their Document, you’ll be notified and can choose to accept those changes to keep your iOS designs up to date.

Last modified on Sep 02, 2019

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