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Using the Permissions Directory

The Permissions Directory is only available to customers on our Business Plan. Please contact us if you believe we haven’t yet activated this feature in your Workspace.

With the Permissions Directory, you can get an overview of all the members and Guests in your Workspace — and easily manage which documents they have access to.

You’ll find the Permissions Directory under the People tab of the People & Settings page in your Workspace. You can search for specific people, and filter between full Workspace members or Guests invited to specific documents. For each member or Guest, you can see an overview of the documents they’re a part of, edit their permissions, or remove them entirely.

In the People & Settings page, you can browse a full list of members and Guests in your Workspace — and edit their permissions.

To see which documents a member or Guest has access to, as well as the type of access they have, click the Dots Cloud button next to their name and choose Document & Project Access….

To change a member or Guest’s access to a document, click on the access type next to the document name and select the relevant options. From here, you can also remove a member or Guest’s access altogether by choosing Remove Selected Access. When you’ve made your changes, click Done to close this modal.

The Permissions Directory gives you an at-a-glance view of the documents any Workspace member or Guests has access to — and an easy way to edit their permissions.

Removing a member or Guest from your Workspace will also revoke their access to all documents within it. To do this, click the Dots Cloud button next to their name on the People & Settings page and choose Remove from Workspace… (for members) or Remove from All Documents & Workspace… (for Guests).

Last updated on 15 Nov 2022

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