Sketch for Teams

If you want to set up a Team, you’ll need to have signed up for a Sketch Account.

How to Create a Team

To create a new Team, click on Personal in the top-left corner of the menu and choose + Create New Team. If you’ve already created a team you can create another via the Sketch Cloud settings. Just scroll down and click the New Team button.

Give your Team a name, (optionally) upload a logo, and choose how you’d like to pay. Then click Continue to Payment Details.

Enter your payment details and billing information, then click Start New Trial to get started.

Note: Each new Sketch for Teams account comes with a 90-day free trial. After that time, you’ll be billed based on the number of Contributors in your Team. For more information, take a look at the Sketch for Teams Pricing help article.

How to Invite People to Your Team

To add people to your Team, make sure you’re logged into Sketch Cloud and in your Team’s workspace (use the drop-down menu in the top-left corner to make sure it’s showing your team’s name) Click on the cog icon in the top-right corner of your Team’s workspace to head to your Team’s settings, scroll down, then click on the Invite Member button.

In the window that appears, enter the email address of the person you’d like to invite to your team, choose whether or not they’re a Contributor by checking the checkbox, then click Invite Member.

In the Members section of your Team’s Settings, you’ll see the person you’ve invited listed along with an Invite pending badge next to their name to indicate they haven’t accepted your invitation yet.

Types of Team Members

When you create a new Team member, you can choose to give them one of two access types:

  • Contributors can use Sketch to edit and upload documents. Your Sketch for Teams bill is based on the number of Contributors in your team.
  • Viewers can log in to Sketch Cloud to view and comment on Team documents. You can have as many Viewers as you like in your Team for free. Viewers cannot open Sketch

Note: If you’ve created a Team, you’ll automatically be a Contributor. You can change your Access rights to Viewer, but your Team will always be billed for at least one Contributor, even if you haven’t assigned anyone to that role.

You can also give every Team member one of two roles:

  • Admins can manage your Team settings, members and billing.
  • Members can’t manage your Team in any way.

Note: If you’ve created your Team, you’ll automatically be an Admin and you can’t be downgraded to a Member.

How to Upgrade and Downgrade Team Members

To change a Team member’s access type (Contributor or Viewer) or role (Admin or Member), click the Edit button next to their name in your Team’s settings page.

Note: If you upgrade a Team member to a Contributor, you’ll be charged based on the remaining time in your current billing period (monthly or annually). If you downgrade a Team member from a Contributor to a Viewer you’ll still be charged for the Contributor role they had during your current biling period. You can reassign a Contributor role to someone else in your team at no extra cost.

How to Remove Team Members

To remove a Team member, click on the Edit button next to their name in your Team’s settings page, then choose Remove from Team. When you remove someone from your team, all of their documents will remain in your shared workspace.

How to Change your Team’s Settings

To access your Team’s settings, navigate to your team’s workspace by using the drop-down menu in the top-left (make sure your Team’s name is showing) and click the cog icon in the top-right. On your Team’s settings page, you can:

  • Change the name of your Team
  • Upload or change your Team’s logo
  • Invite, edit or remove Team members
  • Delete your Team
  • Update your billing information
  • Cancel your Team’s subscription

How to move documents from a personal to a Team workspace

You can move documents from your personal workspace to your Team’s workspace by hovering over the document’s thumbnail, clicking the cog icon that appears and choosing Move to Team. From there, select the team you want to move your document to and click Save Changes to confirm.

Note: You cannot undo the process of moving a document from a personal to Team workspace.

Last modified on Aug 15, 2019

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