Sketch allows the ability to store favorite and commonly used color, gradient and image presets, which can be used throughout a document or Library. These can be viewed under the Color Picker and Image sections of the Fill Popover.

Fill Presets

Adding a Preset

To add a preset, select the color, gradient, or image you would like to save, and click the add icon. You can choose to add it to either Global or Document Presets. You can choose to rename the preset when you add it and you can change the name of a preset at any time by clicking on its label in the color popover.

When adding a color preset, the color’s alpha value will be respected.

Preset Types

Color, gradient, and image presets in Sketch come in two forms. Global, and Document Presets. Global Presets appear in every Sketch document, while Document Presets only appear in the document they were saved in.

This separation is useful when you’re working on many different projects that may have their own color palette, while allowing you to store favorite or important presets so they can be accessed globally.

When viewing gradient presets, any solid color presets you have added will be available to select below any gradient presets to change the color of individual stops.

When Control-clicking a solid color preset to reveal the contextual menu, you have the ability to copy its color values to the clipboard. Either as HEX, RGB or HSL, as well as Objective-C and Swift code for Mac and iOS development.

Library Presets

Any presets that have been saved as Document Presets will be available to anyone who has added that document as a Library. From the popup button in the Presets section, any Libraries you are subscribed to will appear below the Global and Document items in the menu.

When presets are updated in a Library you have added, a small dot will appear next to the new changes.

Managing Presets

Color and gradient presets can be viewed either as a grid or a list. Viewing presets as a list will display their names which can be edited by double-clicking, or choosing Rename via Control-click.

You can click-and-drag to reorder presets. To delete a preset simply move it outside of the popover or choose Delete from the Control-click menu. In this menu, you’ll also see options to copy or move any preset between the Global and Document Preset collections.

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Last modified on Apr 07, 2019

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