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Subscriptions and Licenses

Over the past few years, we’ve evolved Sketch to be more than the Mac app. It’s now a complete platform for design and collaboration, combining the best native Mac editor with tools that work in any web browser.

That’s why we switched from selling Mac app-only licenses to offering Sketch as a subscription. With a subscription, you get the complete Sketch experience — the flexibility and accessibility of browser-based tools, with the power of a native Mac editor. Find out more about the future of Sketch in our blog post.

Your subscription also includes a Workspace for you or your entire team where you can store documents, collaborate in real-time, handoff designs from your browser, share prototypes, comment and more — all part of one tool. Visit our benefits page to see everything that a subscription includes.

If you’re still using a legacy Mac-only license, you can learn more about how to switch to a subscription and start enjoying all the benefits on our Switching page.

Switch to a Subscription

Check whether you have legacy license or subscription

If you bought or renewed your legacy Mac-only license in the last two years, you may be wondering which version of Sketch you’re running. To find out, open the Mac app and make sure you’ve updated to the latest version via File > Check for Updates…

If you get a message saying that you’re not eligible for an update, it means you’re on a legacy Mac-only license, and your license has expired.

If you are on the latest version, it probably means you’re using an active license, or already have a subscription. Head over to the Account tab in Preferences and check for your status there.

If you have a license that is still active, you’ll see a screen similar to this one in the Preferences window:

An image showing the account window for an active license holder

If you are already using Sketch through a subscription you’ll see a screen similar to this one in the Preferences window:

An image showing the account window for a subscription

Can I stick to my legacy Mac-only license for now?

You can keep using your current license, whether it has expired or not. However, if your license has expired it will no longer provide any access to our collaboration features, and you will no longer get Mac app updates.

We can still offer Mac-only licenses as new purchases to people who, for legal or security reasons, cannot use cloud-based products. However, they only offer access to the Mac app, and don’t get all the other benefits of a subscription. Get in touch with us if you’re a company with special requirements and would like a to use Sketch with only local storage.

Switch to a Subscription

Last updated on 03 Nov 2021

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