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A subscription offers the complete Sketch experience — including access to the Mac app, the web app, and a Workspace. Workspaces help you keep your work in sync and available anywhere so you can collaborate in real-time, receive feedback, share prototypes, send your designs for handoff and much more.

Take a look at the table below to see how a subscription compares to a legacy Mac-only license.

Feature Legacy Mac-only Subscription
A powerful native Mac app Yes Yes
Advanced vector editing Yes Yes
Grids & layout, snapping and Smart Guides Yes Yes
Smart Layout and resizing constraints Yes Yes
Import and export assets Yes Yes
Plugins Yes Yes
Components (Symbols, Styles, Color Variables) Yes Yes
Create and organize Components Yes Yes
Browse, search, and insert Components Yes Yes
Libraries (share Components between projects) Yes Yes
Symbol overrides Yes Yes
Distribute Libraries to team members No Yes
Star stable Library updates for distribution No Yes
Restrict who can edit team Libraries No Yes
Assistants Yes Yes
Create prototypes Yes Yes
Play prototypes from the Mac app Yes Yes
Play prototypes from the web app No Yes
Share prototypes with a link No Yes
A shared Workspace for your entire team No Yes
Project folders No Yes
Private documents No Yes
Real-time collaboration No Yes
Full update history for every document No Yes
Star key document updates for Viewers No Yes
Unlimited free Guest sharing No Yes
Comments for feedback No Yes
Developer handoff from any browser No Yes
Download exportable assets from the browser No Yes
Inspect Components across Libraries No Yes
Advanced user management No Yes
Unlimited cloud storage* No Yes
Priority support (within one business day)* No Yes
Technical support via Live Chat* No Yes
Dedicated Customer Success Manager* No Yes
Invoice-based billing* No Yes
Security reviews & custom terms* No Yes
Single Sign-On (SSO)* No Yes

* Available as part of our Business Plan

Last updated on 03 Nov 2021

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