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Sketch Cloud (legacy)

Sketch Cloud was the predecessor to Workspaces. With the launch of subscriptions, we no longer offer Sketch Cloud. Legacy Sketch Cloud customers can switch to a subscription and any documents and Libraries will appear in the new Workspace automatically.

What happens to my Sketch Cloud documents?

If you used Sketch Cloud in the past, we’ve moved any documents and Libraries you had uploaded to Sketch Cloud to a new Personal Workspace. This Personal Workspace offers limited functionality, and doesn’t include all of the powerful collaboration and sharing features that you get with a subscription.

Note: Both the document URLs and their sharing settings will remain the same, so you can still access and share your documents as you did before.

While your legacy license is active, you can still upload documents to your Personal Workspace. When your license expires, you can switch to a subscription to continue using your Workspace. If you choose not to switch to a subscription you will no longer be able to update these documents.

If you renew your legacy license, it will become Mac-only — which doesn’t include a Workspace. You will no longer be able to access your old Workspace. Find out more about the differences in the Benefits section.

Switch to a subscription

If you want to continue using your Workspace, and unlock all the powerful collaboration tools available in Sketch today, all you need to do is add a payment method to your account.

Find out more about how to switch to a subscription.

Note: You don’t have to wait until your license expires to upgrade — you can do it at any time.

As per our terms and conditions, if there hasn’t been any activity on a Personal Workspace in over six months, we’ll contact you by email to give you the chance to reactivate your Workspace or download these documents. After that, we’ll delete the Workspace.

Last updated on 03 Nov 2021

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