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A subscription costs $9 per month, or $99 per year for each Editor in your Workspace. That’s the same price as legacy Mac-only license — but a subscription offers a lot of extra benefits, including real-time collaboration, handoff in the browser and much more.

Subscriptions are account-based

Subscriptions are account-based, which means we’ll only charge you per user, not per device. This means a single Editor can now use the Mac app on multiple devices without paying extra. With legacy Mac-only licenses, seats were calculated per-device.

Viewers: feedback and handoff for free

Viewers are free members of your Workspace who can preview, inspect and comment on documents in any browser, on any device. You can add as many Viewers to your Workspace as you like for free. This means you’ll only pay for Editors in your Workspace — which can help your bring costs down.

With legacy Mac-only licenses, anyone in your team who wanted to comment, inspect or view documents had to pay for a seat on the license — even if they never needed to work in the Mac app.

All the tools you need in one place

Your Workspaces is the best place to store documents, collaborate, share prototypes and send designs for developer handoff. And because these features are all included with a subscription, you don’t need to pay extra for third-party tools. If your team is using Sketch with a legacy Mac-only license, you might be paying more than you need to — for tools you could get included if you switch to a subscription.

Last updated on 09 Sep 2021

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