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Switching for teams

If you’re managing a team of designers there may be additional considerations when switching to a subscription. This page will help you choose the best way forward.

The process of switching to a subscription for teams is similar to that of individual users, but there are a few differences if the team has used Sketch Cloud in the past:

My team has never used Sketch Cloud before

If your team has never used Sketch Cloud before, you can sign up for a free Sketch Account yourself and create a Workspace. You’ll be the Admin of the Workspace by default, and you’ll just need to invite other designers to join you.

Once invited, we’ll prompt each designer to create an account that they can then use to log into the Mac app to give it access to your new Workspace.

A single designer on my team has used Sketch Cloud

It may be that a single designer used Sketch Cloud, or multiple designers shared a single Sketch Account (to publish Libraries for the team, for example). In this case, sign in to this account, select the Personal Workspace that holds your documents and Libraries, and add a payment method under the Billing tab in the People & Settings section of the web app.

Adding a payment method will upgrade your Personal Workspace to a fully-featured Workspace with all your documents and Libraries in place. Once you’ve upgraded your Workspace, you can invite every designer on your team to join. Every designer will become an Editor in your Workspace, and access the Mac app with their own Sketch Accounts.

At this point, we recommend reviewing and choosing the Admin (or Admins) of the Workspaces. By default, the person who created the account will be an Admin. You can change roles at any time in the People tab of the People & Settings section of the web app.

Multiple designers on my team have used Sketch Cloud

If multiple designers have saved documents to their own individual Personal Workspaces, it may be a good idea to merge them into one. We recommend upgrading the Workspace associated with the account that has the most important documents and Libraries by adding a payment method in the Billing tab of the People & Settings section of the web app.

Once you’ve set up your new Workspace, you can invite the other designers in your team. They can move their documents from their individual account to the new Workspace. If you have a large number of documents to move please get in touch — we’ll help you with the transition.

Once you’re set up, your team can continue to use their existing Sketch Accounts. They may already be signed in on the Mac app, but their account now also carries the authorization to continue to use the Mac app, as well as to save to the new team Workspace.

Business Plan

If you need additional features as part of your subscription, such as Single Sign-On (SSO), unlimited Workspace storage, invoice-based payments, priority support or a dedicated Customer Success Manager, take a look at our Business Plan. Get in touch if you are interested or have any questions.

Note: We recommend setting up SSO before everybody has created their Sketch Account.

Getting the most out of Workspaces

Once you’re all set, you can read our Welcome to Workspace series to make the most out of your Workspace and find out how to collaborate with other people. You can also read our documentation to learn more about about viewers, editors and permissions.

Last updated on 03 Nov 2021

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