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Artboard Status & Navigator

by Francesco Bertocci

Keep track of the status of your artboards and quickly navigate to them

September 17, 2020


Add one of these emojis in the artboard name:

  • 🚧 for Work In Progress

  • ✅ for Approved

  • 🔎 for Ready for Review

  • 💻 for Ready for Handoff

You also get:

  • 🚀 a list of all your Artborads & Pages to navigate quickly across your document

  • 🔮 a list of all your Layers including your custom string:

To set up a custom list:

Create a text layer with value (not name) “FF-Includes:” anywhere in the document Add any string after the “:” Use it to find Artboards for a specific Jira ticket number or even special charecters or hard to spot like ®, ™, © or double spaces. Because the assistants looks for the first text layer matching the rule above, you can even have multiple custom strings just move the one you want to use to the top of the stack.

To Install and Use:

Make sure you are using Sketch 69 and up or the Public Beta 💎

Open a new Sketch file, just to test things add some Artboards and emojis from the list above 😎

Install the 🌈 FreeFlow Artboard Status & Navigator Assistant or from the button above “Add to Sketch”


  • Use “Command  + CTRL + Spacebar” to choose any emojis on your Mac

  • Did you know emojs work in URLs too? 🤯 So when you upload your files to Sketch Cloud you can filter your file using the same emoji, and share the URLs to Slack, Jira etc…

🌈 Looking to install the FreeFlow Plugin for Sketch? Head to 🌈