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Document Stats & Coverage

by Francesco Bertocci

See Coverage levels and Components usage across your document

September 29, 2020


Just enable the FreeFlow DS Assistant and get Stats about your file:

  • Text Style Coverage
  • Layer Style Coverage
  • Symbols usage counts, plus what Libraries they come from
  • Detached symbols counts, if any

To Install and Use:

Make sure you are using Sketch 68 and up

Open any Sketch file and enable the FreeFlow Docs Stats & Coverage

Install the 🌈 FreeFlow Document Stats & Coverage Assistant from the button above “Add to Sketch”

🌈 Looking to install the FreeFlow Plugin for Sketch? Head to 🌈

The information on this page is provided by the developer of this extension, and is not edited by the Sketch team. If you have questions or need support with this extension, please contact the developer directly.