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Project Manager

Do you want to be part of a team that helps over one million designers create amazing products every day? We're looking for a full-time Project Manager to join us at Sketch.

At Sketch, we build products that are largely used across the world by designers, product owners, developers, etc.. As a project manager at Sketch, your responsibility is to make sure that every project is built and delivered with the highest quality following the best product development practices.

Your journey with your projects begins early. You will work closely with designers to understand well the roadmap and product goals and decide the right scope for each of the future projects and their iterations.

Some projects are more oriented to our Mac application and others more focused on the Cloud. However, for us, everything is part of the same product, so it's frequent to find a combination of both worlds in the same project. Our product development workflow is the same for every project. We build squads with every role that we believe is necessary to complete the project independently.

We believe in frequent and fast iterations. You will assemble your project squad with the right people so the best value can be delivered within the minimum amount of time. You will define the project's scope together with the Product team and create all the documentation needed for the kick-off. Only this way you can make sure your squad knows what to do and how to do it. You will keep track of the project development to make sure the progress is as expected, and you can identify and solve any unexpected issue.

As a medium-sized company, communication requires discipline. You will be the spokesperson for the project with regards to the rest of the company. You are a proactive person, and you'll know when it's necessary to share any catch-up information or announcement with your colleagues.

As a Product company, we care for the detail. A project is not always ready when the coding has finished. It requires quality assurance. It requires internal and, sometimes, external communications. It usually requires private and, sometimes, public documentation. Frequently you will find that you need to collaborate with people from other teams to make sure the highest quality possible is achieved. You will give them the heads-up and make sure you work together efficiently.

Sketch is a 100% remote company, and your colleagues will be distributed around the globe. Being remote adds great flexibility to everyone's life and helps us, as a company, to have a more diverse team. However, as a project manager, it also brings new challenges. Our communication is strongly based on Slack, Notion, and GitHub and most of our discussions and meetings happen over chat.

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