How does billing work on my legacy Mac-only license account?

This article contains the most common questions about the billing of your legacy Mac-only license.

Note: With a Mac-only license, you get access to the Mac app only to work on local documents. Licenses do not include the option to save or open files from the web app, or any collaboration features.

If you still have a legacy Mac-only license account, we strongly suggest switching to our subscription.

Is my Mac-only license set up for auto-renewal?

We do not keep credit card details on file or engage in auto-renewals for Mac-only license accounts. Your legacy license is perpetual and includes one year’s worth of updates.

What happens when my Mac-only license expires?

Once license updates expire, you’re welcome to stay on your last supported version of the app, at no extra charge.

How can I find a copy of my invoice?

Only the license Admin can download invoices by accessing the License Admin portal, using their Admin email address. An Admin can download all previous invoices within the Invoices section on the right side of the License Admin portal.

I’m having check-out issues, what should I do?

All Sketch orders for Mac-only licenses are made through our Payment Service provider, FastSpring. If you’re having check-out issues, please try the following:

  • Try again with a clean browser (clear cache before your try again).
  • Attempt to try again from a different browser (Firefox instead of Google Chrome, etc).
  • Try the order from a different computer altogether.
  • Selecting a different payment method is another alternate solution.

If the above doesn’t help, please contact FastSpring support via the following form: FastSpring should then follow up with any information regarding your order.

If you’re still experiencing any check-out issues, please reach out to our support team for help.

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