Do you offer educational discounts?

We offer an educational discount on legacy Mac-only license purchases, under two different programs:

  • The Student/Teacher/Staff program - a single license for Personal devices
  • The Academic Institution program - multiple licenses for Institutional devices

The most common questions about these programs are answered in the following sections:

What is the difference between the two educational programs?

The Student/Teacher/Staff program is designed for currently enrolled students, faculty, or staff members of an Academic Institution. The license is for the Mac app and is intended to be used on personal devices. Discount coupons are only awarded on a “one-per-person” basis, and can only be applied to a single user Mac-only license purchase. You will receive a 50% discount on a Mac-only license purchase, with 1 year of updates.

The Academic Institution program is designed for Academic Institutions such as Universities, Colleges, and Secondary Schools and allows the user to purchase a license for free with the requested number of seats with 1 year of updates. This license is must be installed on institution-owned devices in a classroom or lab, or other institution-owned devices.

How can I request a discount code?

All new education discounts should be requested directly from our Sketch Education Store.

How can I renew my license with an educational discount?

If you already have a Mac-only license, and if you’re currently an enrolled student or faculty/staff member of an academic institution, please get in touch with our support team - we’ll help you with the renewal.

Can I purchase a subscription with an educational discount?

At this moment we don’t offer any discount for our subscription model. With an educational discount, you will only be able to purchase a legacy Mac-only license.

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