How do I manage my legacy Mac-only license account?

This article answers the most common questions about managing your legacy Mac-only license.

Note: With a Mac-only license, you can only access the Mac app to work on local documents. License accounts do not include the option to save or open files from the web app or any collaboration features.

If you still have a legacy Mac-only license account, we suggest switching to our subscription.

How can I register my device with a license key?

The steps to register the Mac app with a license key are:

  1. Visit our Updates page and download your preferred version of our Mac app onto the device
  2. Once the download is complete, install the app by dragging the Sketch icon to the ‘Applications’ folder
  3. Once installed, the next step will depend on the version you choose, begin by launching the Mac App and then:

    • Sketch versions 72 onwards - click on the Have a License? button. Type in your license key (starts with SK3) and click on the Register button.
    • Sketch versions 56 to 71 - choose the Personal License tab, type in your License Key number into the pop-up, and select Register. Alternatively, you can launch the Mac app and link it to your license by selecting Sketch > Preferences > Account > Register from the menu bar and inserting your license key.
    • Sketch version 55 or earlier - type in your License Key number, and select Register. Alternatively, you can choose Sketch > About & Registration > Register from the menu bar and insert your license key.

How can I update the Admin email for my account?

If you want to update the Admin email address linked to your Mac-only license, please contact our support team, and provide the following information:

  • The email address currently linked to your Mac-only license.
  • The new email address you would like to link to your Mac-only license.
  • The last four digits of the credit card you used for the purchase. If you didn’t use a credit card, for example you used Alipay, PayPal or Amazon, please let us know the exact date of purchase or approximate date and the first and last name used during the purchase process.
  • The Order ID from your original purchase of Sketch. This is a code starting with ‘BOH’ that you’ll find at the top of your invoice.

Note: You would need to provide the details of your original purchase of Sketch — we cannot accept the Order ID or billing details for renewals or additional seat orders.

If you originally purchased Sketch through the App Store, please provide us with your App Store receipt.

Where can I access my License Admin portal?

During the purchase of a legacy Mac-only license, you’ll need to enter your email address. You can use that Admin email address to access the License Admin portal. If you’re not receiving the access code email please check your spam/junk folder, and whitelist our IP address

Note: There can only be one Admin email address per account. From the License Admin portal, you’ll be able to manage your license account and download invoices.

How can I move my Mac-only license to another device?

Please use the following steps to move your license to another device:

  1. Unregister your license on your old device: Launch the Mac app, head to Sketch> Preferences from the menu bar, navigate to the Account tab, and select Unlink Device.

    Alternatively, using your Admin email address, you can unregister your device remotely using the Unlink option in the License Admin portal.

  2. Go to our Updates page and download your preferred version onto your new device.

    Note: Depending on when you last renewed your license, your license key may not be valid for the latest version. Make sure you download a version that your license is valid for.

  3. Install the software by dragging the Sketch icon to your Applications folder.
  4. Register Sketch on the new device (see How can I register my device with a license key? above).

How can I find my license key?

You will receive your license key (starts with SK3) via email once a purchase is completed. If you can’t find your license key you can use one of the following methods:

  • Search your inbox for the term ‘SK3’ to retrieve the initial email with license information.
  • Access your License Admin portal using the Admin email address. From there, you’ll be able to see the full license key.
  • If you haven’t purchased the license with your email address, please reach out to the current license Admin. Current Admin will be able to provide you with the license key by accessing their License Admin portal.

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