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Why don't individual edits from my collaboration documents appear in Cloud?

Real-time collaboration is available in beta as part of version 71 of the Mac app. We’re slowly rolling out this update to everyone so if you haven’t been prompted to download it just yet, don’t worry — it will be available for you soon!

One of the great strengths of real-time collaboration is that the Mac app constantly saves any change you or your collaborators make in the document. All these changes are saved automatically in our ‘server side’, so you don’t need to manually save your document every time you make an edit. However, it would be impractical to show all these micro-changes as individual updates in the document’s timeline in Cloud.

If you’ve made an important modification to a document and you want to share it as a document update, just hit +S (or head to File > Save in the menu). This new update will appear as the latest version of the document in the timeline in Cloud.

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