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How do I manage Workspace members?

In the left sidebar, under People & Settings, you can add, remove or edit Workspace members. You can also make changes to the number of Editor seats. Workspace members can have two different roles:

  • Editors can register and use the Mac app with their Sketch Account to create, edit and upload documents. They count towards the cost of your subscription.
  • Viewers can only view and comment Workspace documents in the web app. You can have as many Viewers as you like in your Workspace for free.

You can also assign Admin access to both Viewers or Editors. An Admin has rights to manage an account and over actions like billing details or inviting new people to the Workspace. We’ll automatically make the person who created your Workspace an Admin.

To get started, log into your Sketch Account and proceed to your Workspace (use the drop-down menu in the top-left corner to do this), then click on People & Settings within the left sidebar.

How to Add New Members

In People & Settings, select the General tab on the top bar, scroll down and click on the Invite Member button.

A window will appear, where you’ll need to enter the email address of the person you’d like to invite to your Workspace. You can choose if they’re an Editor or a Viewer by using the drop-down menu, then clicking Invite. If they don’t have a Sketch Account yet, you can create one here.

After you’ve sent an invite, in the Members section of People & Settings, we’ll show you the person you’ve invited listed along with an Invite Pending badge next to their name. The pending status will remain until the person has accepted the invitation.

If you’ve created a Workspace, you’ll be an Editor and Admin by default. You can change your role to Viewer, but your subscription will cost the equivalent of one Editor at a minimum. As the Workspace’s creator, you cannot remove your admin rights.

How to Edit Workspace Members

To change a member’s role (Editor or Viewer) or admin rights, select the button next to their name and choose from the following options:

  • Upgrade to Editor… / Change to Viewer… If this action has any impact on your subscription cost, we’ll let you know in the confirmation dialogue that appears.
  • Make Admin / Change Admin Rights… This action happens instantly and does not impact your subscription cost.
  • Remove from Workspace… When you remove someone from your Workspace, all of their documents will remain in your shared Workspace.

If you upgrade a Workspace member’s role to Editor but don’t have empty Editor seats, we’ll add the seat and charge you on a pro rata basis up until your next billing cycle. If you downgrade an Editor to a Viewer, this will open up an empty Editor seat. This seat will remain open unless you remove it.

How to Add Editor Seats

When you add a new Editor or update a Viewer, we’ll automatically add a new Editor seat and charge a pro rata fee for the remainder of your current billing cycle. We’ll charge you from the date the invite is sent to the member, not when they accept the invite. You can also add Editor seats separately at any time.

To add an Editor seat, select People & Settings and then General on the top bar, scroll down to the Editor Seats section and choose Add Seats. Choose the number of seats you would like to add and confirm by clicking Pay and Add Seats. We’ll add the new seats instantly to your Workspace and charge you pro rata until the end of your billing cycle.

How to Schedule Editor Seat Changes

You can schedule to add or remove Editor seats at the start of your next billing cycle. Proceed to the Billing tab on the top bar of your People & Settings area and select Schedule Seat Changes.

In the modal that appears, choose the number of seats you would like at the start of your next billing cycle. You’ll be able to see how this affects your next billing cycle and whether it will change any members on your team. When you’re ready, select Schedule Editor Seat Changes to confirm.

Any scheduled changes you make to your Editor seats will override the current number of seats you have at the end of the current billing cycle. This will include any seats you add during that same billing cycle. If you want to cancel a scheduled Editor seat change, select the Cancel scheduled change? link that appears under the billing information.

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