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Switch to a subscription

And get all the tools you need to collaborate and create incredible products

Why choose a subscription?

With a Sketch subscription, you get everything you need for the entire creative process. A powerful, native Mac app to design and create. A web app for feedback and handoff. And a single Workspace that brings all your projects, and the people you collaborate with, together.

We’ve balanced creation, collaboration and control over privacy. You can decide when to share your work, and who has access — bringing in the right people, at the right time.

Best of all, the base price hasn’t changed. It’s still $99 per year for each Editor who needs to use the Mac app — or $9 per month, if you want more flexibility. Viewers (people in your Workspace who only need to view, comment on and inspect designs in the browser) are free.

See all the benefits on our Pricing page.

Get credit for your license

If you have an active license, you can exchange it for credit towards your subscription. You’ll get $9 in credit per month you have left, for each device.

Because each Editor can use the Mac app on multiple personal devices, yearly billing is cheaper than monthly, and Viewer accounts are free, credit on your license may actually go further when you subscribe.

You can use the tool below to find out how much credit you have.

Need help finding your license key?

Try searching your email account for SK3 to find a license purchase or renewal email from us, which always includes your license key for your convenience.

No luck? If you know the email address the license is registered to, log in to the License Admin to view your license(s). If you don’t, please read our support article.

%CREDIT% in subscription credit

%TIME_LEFT% remaining on license

How to switch to a subscription

It’s easy to switch to a subscription — you can do it in two simple steps.

  1. Create a Workspace Sign up for a free 30-day trial — no credit card required — and get everything set up at your own pace. Add a logo, invite other people, then bring in all your documents.
  2. Exchange your license for credit. If you have an active license, you can exchange it for credit towards your subscription — you’ll find this option in your Workspace settings after setup.

Start your switch

Note: To get the most out of your subscription and features like real-time collaboration, you’ll need at least Sketch 71, which requires macOS Mojave (10.14.4) or newer.

Common Questions

  • How does a subscription compare to a license?

    A subscription…

    • Gives you the full Sketch experience. From real-time collaboration in the Mac app, to feedback and handoff in the web app.

    • Includes a Workspace to store and share your work. Access all your work, anywhere you use Sketch. Design in private, invite others, or share individual documents with Guests.

    • Lets you easily manage accounts and roles. You choose whether people can view and comment on documents in the web app, or edit in the Mac app.

    • Offers monthly or yearly billing. Pay $9 monthly or $99 yearly for each Editor (Viewers are free) and get regular updates for the lifetime of your subscription.

    A license…

    • Gives you access to the Mac app only. New and renewed licenses won’t include a Workspace, or access to the web app for feedback, handoff etc.

    • Lets you store documents locally on your computer. Existing active licenses support browsing, opening and saving documents to a Personal Workspace up to its current expiry date. New and renewed licenses only support local storage.

    • Manages devices, not people. You can only add or remove devices on a license key, not individuals. To use Sketch on multiple Macs, you’ll need to pay for more devices.

    • Can be renewed yearly. If you renew your license, you’ll get another year of updates and you’ll only be able to use the Mac app. If you don’t renew, you can keep using the Mac app with no further updates.

  • What happens to my Cloud documents and Libraries when I switch?

    If you currently store documents and/or Libraries in your existing Personal Workspace, you can move them to your new Workspace when you create it.

    To do this, you’ll need to create your new Workspace using the same Sketch Account that you use for your existing Personal Workspace.

    It’s really important that you use the same Account. This keeps all permissions in place, which means other people will still be able to access documents you shared with them, and Libraries remain linked to any documents that were using them.

    Need to update your account’s email address? You can do it in your Profile Settings in the web app.

  • What happens to my old license after I switch?

    Once you’ve redeemed your license for credit towards your new subscription, your license will no longer work for any version of the Mac app. You will need to sign in with your Sketch Account in order to open and use the Mac and web apps.

  • Can I exchange multiple licenses?

    Yes. Once you’ve set up your Workspace, you can exchange any active licenses you have at any time in your Workspace settings. Find out more about exchanging licenses in our FAQs.

    Are you an admin that manages a large number of license keys? Get in touch, and we’ll help manage your switch.

  • What happens to my license if I don’t switch?

    Nothing will happen to your license until its current expiration date. We’ll remind you that this is coming up 30 days before. On or before that date you can either choose renew, switch to a subscription, or do nothing.

    If you do nothing, it will automatically become a Mac-only license, which means you’ll no longer get Mac app updates, have a Personal Workspace for document sharing, or be able to access to the web app for things like feedback and handoff.

    Find out more about how licenses are changing.

  • Can I exchange my educational license for credit towards a subscription?

    Not right now, although we have plans to offer this soon. For now, we’re still committed to helping students, teachers, and academic institutions experience the power of Sketch. Head over to our Education Store to apply for an educational license.

  • I have more questions. What should I do?

    If you want to know more about switching, get in touch — we’d be happy to help.