How much does Sketch for Teams cost?

Sketch for Teams will cost $9 per Contributor, per month or $99 per Contributor, per year. You only pay for Contributors who need to edit documents in Sketch and upload them to your Team workspace. Viewers can view and comment on your team’s documents, and you can invite an unlimited number of Viewers to your team for free. You’ll be able to manage your team members and billing from a simple, central dashboard.

Will I still need a Sketch license?

If you’re using Sketch to edit and share documents with your team, you’ll get access to the Mac app as part of your Sketch for Teams subscription, along with regular updates. If you have a Personal license, you can continue using Sketch and Sketch Cloud alongside your new Teams Account.

What happens to personal Sketch Cloud accounts?

If you’re not using Sketch for Teams you can still use Sketch Cloud with a personal account. You’ll get new features like versioning, and the ability to store all of your Sketch documents on Cloud by default.

I’m already paying for Sketch. How do I transfer my license to my team?

When you sign up for Sketch for Teams you’ll get a 90 day free trial — so you’ll have plenty of time to test out the new teams features, without having to pay. Very soon we’ll be adding a license exchange feature that will allow you to convert your existing Sketch license(s) into credit towards your team account.

Last modified on Jul 23, 2019

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