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Endpoints required for correct operation of Sketch

Under certain circumstances, Sketch might not be able to communicate correctly with the server, preventing the application from receiving particularly important information. If this happens you will not be able to register or update your application, upload files to Sketch Cloud, or make use of real-time collaboration, for example.

The most likely scenario for this to occur is when working within a Corporate  Network (via VPN, proxy, firewall, etc.).

Since these are very restrictive networks, we should check if all traffic to the endpoints shown below is enabled on your side. Traffic must be allowed in both directions (inbound and outbound): - Real-time Collaboration - Backend - Backend - Authentication - Download of Assets - Upload of Assets - Upload of Assets - Licensing - Updates - Updates

If you do not know how to add these URLs to your whitelist, please liaise with the IT specialist in your organisation to perform these changes.

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