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Why are my Smart Layout Symbols not working as they should?

If your Smart Layout Symbol is not behaving as expected, it might be because you have manually resized it.

Please note that manually resizing a Symbol that has Smart Layout properties will break its smart auto-resizing behavior.

When you have a Symbol that has Smart Layout properties, you are indicating that you want the size of the Symbol to be determined solely by the content within it.

Sketch does not fully support Symbols having both Smart Layout properties and allowing it to be manually resized.

One easy way to determine if the Symbol has been manually resized is to select your Symbol’s instance in the Mac app and check in the Inspector if the Shrink Instance to fit content icon Shrink Instance is present.

An image showing override

Clicking this icon will remove the manual resizing that has been applied to the Symbol and will correctly resize it based on any override content within it.

We do have plans to continually improve the way the Mac app works with Smart Layout in future releases, but for now, you would need to decide if you want your Symbol to be a regular Symbol which you can manually resize, or a Smart Layout Symbol which resizes itself based on its content.

Learn more about Resizing Symbols with Smart Layout

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