Tiny Gems: Some dazzling improvements to Sketch you might have missed
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    2022 — that’s a wrap!

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    This year we’ve been busy working on new features to give designers and the people around them better and faster ways to create their best work. But unless you’re using Sketch every day, you might’ve missed some of our big releases. So here’s a quick recap of some of the coolest improvements we’ve added to Sketch in the last 12 months.

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    38 smaller (but still sweet) Sketch improvements

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    With all the big feature releases in recent months, it’s sometimes easy to miss some of the smaller (but still sweet) improvements we’ve made to Sketch along the way. So grab a coffee and take a seat as we run you through 38(!) of these little gems in less than four minutes.

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    The new Sketch iPhone app

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    Being able to see your designs in context is invaluable. That’s why we’ve rebuilt our iPhone app from the ground up, giving you a better viewing and mirroring experience for documents in your Workspace — wherever you are. The new Sketch iPhone app is available to download from the App Store for free right now.

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    Great Scott! You’ve reached the beginning of this timeline, but not the start of our product story.

    Check out the Mac and web app sections for more!

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