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Lightning Design System Linter

by Salesforce

A Sketch Assistant for the Salesforce Lightning Design System.

September 21, 2021

Lightning Design System Linter for Sketch

This Sketch assistant validates document text colors, border colors, fill colors, and text sizes against the Salesforce Lightning Design System design tokens.

About Sketch Assistants

First time using a Sketch Assistant? Read Sketch’s help documentation.


Make sure you are validating against the correct SLDS release. Copy and paste the corresponding linter URL in a browser window to download.

Winter ‘21 + new color palette:

linter version: 1.1.1 url: sketch://add-assistant?url=

Winter ‘21 only:

linter version: 1.0.5 url: sketch://add-assistant?url=

Linter Rules

Fill Color

Fill colors should match SLDS background or generic color token values.

Border Color

Border colors should match SLDS border or generic color token values.

Text Color

Text colors should match SLDS text or generic color token values.

Text Size

Text sizes should match SLDS font size token values.