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Explore the future of Sketch

Download the latest Mac app beta to check out new features and improvements before anyone else.

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Before you download the beta

  1. Create backup copies of your documents before you open them. Our pre-release beta builds can be unstable.

  2. Let your team know you’re using the beta — documents opened in this build may become incompatible with stable release builds.

  3. You’ll need to be an Editor in a Workspace to use the beta.

  4. This Mac app beta requires macOS Big Sur (11.0.0) or newer.

  5. To send feedback or report a bug, simply click on the Feedback button in the Mac app’s toolbar, or contact us using our support form.

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Download Beta 94 for macOS

Just like our stable release, you’ll get updates for every new version.

Release notes

Sketch 94 (156441) was released on

Requires macOS Big Sur (11.0.0) or newer

This release includes an update to our document model. If you open a local document using this version of the Mac app, it may lose data if someone with an earlier version of the Mac app opens it again. Workspace documents will be unavailable to open by anyone with an earlier version unless they download them first. Any changes they make will not update the Workspace document. For real-time collaboration, everyone will need to use the same version of the Mac app.

What’s new

  • Selecting layers in Symbol instances Use Command-click to quickly select overridable layers inside Symbol instances, like text, colors or nested Symbols. Then, use the Overrides panel in the Inspector to override any of them. Paired with our new updates to Symbol overrides in the Inspector, we hope this powerful new toolset really supercharges your Symbols workflow.
  • Easier layer resizing We’ve made it easier to resize layers. Firstly, you can now resize horizontally or vertically by just dragging at any point along the edge of the selection box. Secondly, if a selection is too small to to resize comfortably, the selection box will appear slightly larger to make it easier to drag its edges. The selection width and height will now appear as soon as you hover over its edges or resize handles. We’ve also removed the resize handles along the edges of a selection, leaving them only on the four corners.
  • Text and Layer Style Overrides You can now override the key properties of Text and Layer Styles within a Symbol — no need to create multiple Style variants anymore.
  • Color Overrides Override all the colors! You can now override the color of any layer inside a Symbol with another color or a Color Variable.
  • Supercharging your Symbols workflow We’ve redesigned the overrides panel in the Inspector to make it faster and easier than ever to work with Symbol instances. The new panel groups overrides by type, making it simple to view and change colors, images, Text and Layer Styles in your Symbol instance — all at once. We’ve also improved how we show nested Symbols in an instance — it should all feel neater now.

What’s improved

  • When converting a shape to outline we’ll respect any non-border elements, like fills or shadows.
  • You can now rotate lines by holding and dragging the resize handles, just like you can with other layers.
  • You can now edit a text layer in a Symbol directly on the Canvas. Hover over the text layer, press T, click on it and type away.
  • You can now hide and show nested Symbols as you would with any other layer — hitting backspace will hide the nested Symbol instead of deleting it.
  • You can now copy any layer inside a Symbol instance and paste it elsewhere. This means we’ll also copy its overrides, making things faster — no need to detach or head to the Source Symbol.
  • If you type new values for colors in the color popover, the values are now applied when you click elsewhere to dismiss the popover.
  • We’ve updated the design of our selection box. It now uses the app’s accent color, making it easier to see selected layers (particularly when selecting multiple shapes and Artboards). Selected layers inside Symbol instances now display X markings on their corners and a thicker border to differentiate them from normal layers.
  • Press to select any layer inside a Symbol.
  • When diving into a Symbol, you’ll find your selection and a tailored list of its overrides in the Inspector.
  • The Layer List now shows every layer in a Symbol (rather than just those that have styles applied) — go ahead and change the properties of layers that aren’t Symbols or don’t have any Style applied.

What’s changed

  • We’ve changed how double-clicking on Symbols works. Instead of taking you to its Source, you’ll dive deeper into a Symbol. To go to the Symbol Source, press or click Edit Source in the Inspector.

What’s fixed

  • Fixes a bug where a group with a shadow applied and a single shape might not export the shadow.
  • Fixes an issue when using the Mac app on macOS Ventura Beta where the labels of pop-up buttons in the Inspector wouldn’t appear.
  • Fixes a crash that could happen when adding a prototype link to a really large group.
  • Fixes a crash that could occur when picking a Tint or adjusting Color Variables.
  • Fixes a bug where converting a shape to outlines could sometimes move it slightly on the Canvas or remove its rotation or flip.
  • When you hover or drag the resize handles of a line layer, you’ll now see a tooltip with its length. If you hold the ⌘ key as you hover over the handle, you’ll see the angle of the line.
  • We’ve fixed a memory leak that would occur when closing documents after having inserted or copy-pasted bitmaps.
  • Fixes an issue where you were unable to move selected shapes with borders but no fills by dragging on the non-filled area.
  • Fixes an issue where interactions within Symbols could not have their override set to ‘none‘.
  • Fixes an issue where dropping an image onto the Canvas with a selected Artboard would ignore the position where you dropped it.
  • Fixes an issue where overlay previews weren‘t being displayed correctly if the overlay was an Auto Link target.
  • Fixes a bug that wouldn‘t let you move overlays around the Canvas if the interaction was on a text layer.
  • Fixes an issue where overlays with shadows or blurs that expanded outside of the Artboard weren‘t rendering correctly.
  • Fixes a bug where detaching a Symbol containing nested instances with scaled text would reset the text to its original size.
  • Fixes a Smart Layout issue where, when using an instance of a Symbol which contained another Symbol with overrides set to “No Symbol”, changing those overrides back to a Symbol would not respect their position in the source of the contained Symbol.