Sketch 60 Updates

  1. Version 60



    New in Sketch 60

    • Improved Cloud Libraries Under the Libraries tab in Preferences, you’ll now see all the Libraries that belong to your team(s) on Sketch Cloud, as well as any in your personal workspace. There’s also a handy install button right by each one, meaning you no longer have to head to the browser to add a Library.
    • New Components Panel The new Components Panel and Components Popover bring Symbols, Text Styles and Layer Styles together in a single place where you can search, sort and filter for what you need, then drag and drop directly onto the Canvas. Now there’s no need for endless menus and naming schemes to sort Symbols into folders, you can do it all from the Components Panel. Better still, both the Components Panel and Popover let you quickly search to find the exact Symbol or style you need, from your document or Libraries, faster than you can say, “Where did we save that modal again?”

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