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Discover the latest features in our Mac, web and iOS apps.

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  1. Automatic saves for Workspace documents

    We automatically and regularly save your Workspace documents as you design — this means you don’t need to manually save at all unless you want to create a version. If you want to mark a specific milestone or moment of progress, you can quickly create a new version — and add a description or a star — by using ^S.

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  2. New prototype player

    We’ve rolled out a brand new prototype player that works across the Mac, web and iOS apps. With our new prototype player, playing your prototypes should feel smoother, faster, and more reliable. We also now support advanced display effects like background blurs on scrolling Artboards.

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  3. Foresight 🤝 Tidy

    Foresight now works with the Tidy button in the Inspector — you’ll now see a preview when you hover over it, giving you a better idea of how your changes will look. Tidy now also works on both the horizontal and vertical axis, making it even easier to align layers.

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  4. Version 99.5 is available to download

    Our latest update to the Mac app includes support for Foresight with Tidy, an improved Layer menu, a new prototype player, and removes the need to manually save Workspace documents. Plus, you’ll also find several other smaller improvements and fixes.

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  5. Sketch in 2023

    What’s happened in 2023? Well, quite a lot! From closing the feedback loop and making on-Canvas comments available across Sketch, to taking a major leap forward with Smart Layout — there’s a lot to cover! So let’s recap on a pretty big year.

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  6. Taking Smart Layout beyond Symbols

    Smart Layout is now available in groups and Artboards, bringing more control and convenience to your work. We’ve also made plenty of great improvements to Smart Layout, including new keyboard shortcuts, Foresight support, and a whole lot more.

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  7. Version 99 is available to download

    Our latest Mac update includes some major improvements to Smart Layout — bringing it to groups and Artboards, along with a host of handy improvements. This release also includes a number of other smaller improvements and fixes.

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  8. Available on the Mac App Store

    Sketch is once again available to download from the Mac App Store. We’re happy to be back, and it looks like Apple are too.

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  9. Bug fixes and improvements

    Our latest Mac update (v98) focuses on fixing some bugs, polishing a few existing areas of the app, and improving the reliability of our Figma file importer.

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  10. Collections

    Introducing a new level of organization for your Workspace. With Collections, you can group documents inside of Projects. Just like Projects, Collections are workflow-agnostic — so you can organize documents using whatever groupings suit you and your collaborators best. Collections are available right now in the latest version of the Mac, iOS and web apps.

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