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A Big Sur UI refresh, new ways to manage Data and improved grids — what’s new in Sketch?

With this release, we’re introducing a new look to fit in with macOS Big Sur’s design language, plus some other helpful improvements

Sketch 70 is out now. The latest update to the Mac app introduces a UI refresh that fits right in with macOS Big Sur’s design language. It’s the same Sketch you know and love, but with every detail reconsidered — from a full-height sidebar and a refreshed Inspector, to all-new iconography throughout the app. You can find out more about the redesign here.

If you can’t upgrade to Big Sur just yet, don’t worry. We’ve spent time making sure that things still look and feel great in older versions of macOS.

With this release, we’ve also optimized the Mac app for Apple’s powerful new M1 chips. This means you’re ready to tap into the potential of Apple Silicon, which makes working in Sketch feel faster than ever.

Elsewhere, you’ll find a new option to insert Data sources as new layers from the Insert menu, a new Data button that helps you refresh a selected layer’s data, and a quicker, easier way to repeat layers in grids.

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