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A Week with the Sketch Team in Madrid

Almost the entire team behind Sketch met in Madrid last week for our annual get together. Here’s what happened and what we’re planning for Sketch next.

Almost the entire team behind Sketch met in Madrid last week for our annual get together. Our week began with a meetup in Madrid hosted by Google’s Campus where over 90 people joined us from near and far. We had a great time meeting the community, talking about Sketch, and listening to feedback. Check out the recap.

We are a team of 13 people distributed throughout the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, UK, and the US. We spend countless hours building Sketch and enjoy pretty much every minute of it. Since we are a remote team, spending a week in Madrid together was a real treat.

After listening to the feedback from our meetup and our community on Facebook and Twitter, we took it to the drawing board. We spent three days brainstorming, planning and talking about all things Sketch.

Our roadmap is full of features and improvements. We have lots of exciting new things coming up and we can’t wait to help make your design workflow even better.

Madrid is a wonderful city to explore and we enjoyed walking around Retiro park, visiting the Crystal and Velázquez Palaces, and many of the historic areas while talking about what’s coming up.

On Friday, Emanuel and Nuno flew out to London for the Net Awards ceremony. We are thrilled to announce that Sketch won App of the Year. We were shortlisted among great nominees for another category in the Technology Awards: Game Changer of the Year. A huge thank you to a great community for your support.

Thank you Madrid for showing us a good time. We can’t wait to meet more design communities around the world.

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