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COO Matt Langdon on joining Sketch and why design is the heart of every business

We’re excited to announce Matt Langdon has joined our management team as COO.

Our team at Sketch is growing, and we’re excited to announce Matt Langdon has joined our management team as COO. In light of this latest hire, we thought we’d have Matt introduce himself and share some insights with you.

A warm hello to the Sketch community. I’m thrilled to be joining Sketch as Chief Operating Officer, and I could not be more excited about what we are building for you.

What does this mean for Sketch, and for designers?

My priorities are to ensure that our operations scale and run smoothly in pace with our growing business; enable our Product teams so they can focus on innovating and doing what they do best; and help the entire Sketch team fulfill our mission of helping you create your best work.

As we shared in our recent Series A investment announcement, we have a lot of work to do and some big plans to get there — including exciting new features coming soon around collaboration and Sketch Cloud. As part of these efforts, we are also expanding our team. We operate as a distributed global organization with no physical office, so we have the unique ability to hire the best talent in the world — wherever you call home.

Why Sketch?

In previous lives, I’ve had the privilege of growing and developing two multi-billion dollar companies, including one of the fastest growing software companies in history. What motivates me is the build — the chance to create something truly special that lasts. In my experience, the only way to achieve this is to find:

  1. A great, quality product;
  2. That is disrupting a large and expanding market; and
  3. With a team that is smart, dedicated and made up of good humans who show humility and are genuinely committed to delivering customer success.

Only once you find those ingredients, do you have the opportunity to make a lasting impact and achieve a company’s collective, full potential. Sketch is exactly that incredible and unique company.

Our mission is to help designers create their best work and enable organizations to design better through collaboration. As software eats the world, and as more digital interfaces compete for consumers’ attention — what could be more important to building great products, driving customer engagement, and building a trusted brand than the very platform on which you design those products and experiences?

Salespeople sell, accountants count, and operators operate. All of these are important functions in a successful enterprise. But designers work at the source; designers create. From your fingertips, the path for adoption, engagement and success is determined.

Sketch has the platform, vision, talent and — most importantly — the unwavering commitment to make this mission a reality.

Looking forward

Sketch is a company built by, backed by, and run for builders. Our impact and success will only be measured through yours, and we look forward to working with you!

I am very happy to be aboard and humbled to join this team. We are hard at work and look forward to sharing more soon. Watch this space for important updates coming soon. In the meantime, look out for us at WWDC, Layers Conference and Dribbble Hangtime in June.

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