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Illustrated header image for Sketch blog post about diverse resources

Diverse illustrations and avatars for your Sketch projects

Create more inclusive designs with these Sketch illustrations, icons and avatars featuring diverse characters

Putting people are the heart of your projects can help users connect with your designs. But a lot of the time, the visuals we encounter both online and in the physical world simply don’t reflect the reality of the world around us. Often, that means you’ll see icons, illustrations, and avatars primarily featuring able-bodied white people.

Representation matters. And here at Sketch, we want to help you create inclusive designs that are accessible to everyone. So we’ve gathered together some awesome resources you can use to make sure your projects are as diverse as the world around us.

Black Illustrations

An illustrated image of two Black men video chatting in an office environment

Created by designer John D. Saunders, Black Illustrations is a series of digital designs featuring people of color. You can download collections that feature illustrations of Black people in a range of scenarios, from health and fitness to education. Plus, packs such as the Office Hustle collection are completely free, and you can use them wherever you like — in both personal and commercial projects.

Diversity Avatars

An image of five different illustrated avatars showing a range of ethnicities, ages and genders

Sometimes great design is made even more powerful by the story behind it. That’s certainly the case for Diversity Avatars. Created by two friends — Ramy and Scott — the project was borne out of a desire to provide tools for designers to depict equality and diversity. The goal was to create 1,000 avatars. Now at 900, the final 100 avatars will be dedicated to Black Lives Matter, commemorating those who have lost their lives due to racial injustice.


Three screenshots showing human avatars, including differently-abled people and people of color

This mix-and-match library from Pablo Stanley lets you rotate different elements to create unique ‘humaaans’! You control everything from their clothing, hairstyles, skin color and poses to create your own characters. The library also includes customizable backgrounds to help you set the scene.

Open Peeps

An image showing a large collection of monochrome avatars, each with a different hairstyle, facial expression and hair style

Another great design resource from Pablo Stanley, Open Peeps lets you personalize your characters in a similar way to Humaaans. You can switch up clothing, hairstyles, poses (including standing and sitting), and even emotions to create a unique group of Peeps in different scenes.

Black Lives Matter

An image showing the words Black Lives Matter

This graphics collection features Black Lives Matter resources to help you spread the message. You can download the collection from Sketch App Sources to use in your Sketch designs.

We want this list to keep growing. So if there are any other design resources you use to make sure your designs are diverse, let us know!

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