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Illustration made in Sketch of the new iPhone app
What’s new

Introducing our new and improved iPhone app

Mirror and browse your Workspace documents with our brand new app

Being able to see your designs in context is invaluable. That’s why we’ve rebuilt our iPhone app from the ground up, giving you a better viewing and mirroring experience for documents in your Workspace — wherever you are. It’s available to download from the App Store for free right now.

Let’s take a look at what you can expect from our new app!

What can you do in the iPhone app?

With our new iPhone app, you can view all your documents and projects in every Workspace you’re a part of — no matter where your work takes you.

When editing designs in the Mac app, you can mirror them on your iPhone and see real-time updates as you make them. So you can view the changes you make live, in the context of a real device. And you’re not limited to just your own work — you can view any document in your Workspace, whenever you want.

What’s more, thanks to our real-time collaboration engine, there’s no limit to how many people can view one document at the same time. Which means you can present your app to multiple people at once, and they can follow along with you on their own devices — and see any changes you or other designers make in real-time.

If you want to take your designs to the next level, turn them into prototypes and play them right on your iPhone. It’s a great way to demo a new flow or test out your idea. Nothing makes design projects feel more real than to see them on an actual device!

How do I get started?

After downloading the app, sign in using your Sketch Account or via SSO. Once you’re in, you’ll see all of your Workspace documents at your fingertips.

Image showing three iPhones with the Sketch iPhone app on the screens.

Once you’ve logged in, all of your Workspace documents will be ready to preview. You can browse through Pages, Artboards and prototypes with a tap.

All you need to get the most from the app is an existing Sketch subscription and an internet connection — there’s no need for USB cables or local network connections with your Mac. Unlike Mirror, our new iPhone app takes advantage of your Workspace(s) so you can access all your documents, wherever you are. You won’t be able to view or mirror documents you’ve saved locally to your Mac — but don’t worry. If you want to use the iPhone app to view a document or prototype that’s not quite ready to share with your Workspace, simply save it to My Drafts.

Behind the iPhone app

Our new iPhone app brings together a whole host of different engineering efforts and technologies across Sketch — from Workspaces and real-time collaboration to cross-platform document rendering, and so much more.

Where our previous Mirror app showed PNG images of each Artboard, the new app uses the same rendering engine we use on the Mac to display your designs exactly as you made them. This means you can zoom in as far as you like and still see everything in full fidelity.

What’s more, instead of relying on a local-only connection (over Wi-Fi or USB) from a Mac to iPhone, we’re taking full advantage of Sketch Workspaces, so you can access and browse the same documents as everyone else, and even see real-time updates.

In other words, thanks to a whole host of other features and behind-the-scenes updates we’ve released in the last 12 months, we’ve now built a faster, more accurate, and more reliable iPhone app for you to view and mirror documents with.

We hope you enjoy our new iPhone app! For those of you who’ve used Mirror in the past, we think you’ll appreciate the difference in speed and reliability. We’ll discontinue Mirror in the coming months, so make sure to download our new app to stay connected.

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