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New in the Mac app: Overlays in prototypes, auto-download Libraries and more

With our latest Mac update, you can add Overlays to your prototypes and create realistic menus, pop-ups, modals and more. We’ve been working hard on this and we think you’ll love some of the details we’ve included, from being able to instantly create an Overlay from any normal layer, to setting default absolute or relative positioning (and overriding it for specific cases).

This update also adds a new option to automatically download Library updates as soon as they become available. You’ll still be able to review and update components manually, but we’re saving you a step so you can stay on top of changes to your design systems.

Finally, we’ve added a whole host of quality of life improvements, from being able to set background blurs on semi-transparent image layers, to drag-and-drop image replacement and webp format support for image Data sources.