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Sketch 3.3

We’re thrilled to announce the availability of Sketch 3.3, a free update that raises the bar, with performance improvements and new features, to nice touches all round.

We’re thrilled to announce the availability of Sketch 3.3, a free update that once again raises the bar. From performance improvements to new features, and nice little touches all round, we hope you enjoy the new version as much as we do.

  • Sketch Mirror connectivity has been improved significantly. Connections are now more reliable and faster. We’ve also added a way to connect Sketch and Mirror to each other via an IP address. This is useful in cases where corporate and campus networks block Bonjour discovery altogether.
  • We have added a live preview to the very useful Scale feature.
  • Vectorizing Strokes (the feature to turn a layer’s border into a seperate path) has been improved as well. A lot of edge cases have been cleaned up and you should now see consistent behaviour.
  • We’ve improved the feng shui of the Color Popover’s UI. The frequent color feature has moved and now contains information about how the colors have been used. In addition, a document can now also hold its own collection of colors, gradients, and patterns, alongside the globally stored presets.
  • You can now resize a layer via its center, or right, and bottom edges. In the layer’s Width field, add R at the end to resize from the right edge, B at the end of the Height field to resize from the bottom, and C (or M ) from either field, to grow a layer from its center.

Instead of us listing the entire changelog (which is quite a big read!), we instead hope you’ll download the free update, and see for youselves what else is new!

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