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Sketch 39 Brings Symbol Resizing and Cloud Beta

We’re thrilled to introduce Sketch 39. This update brings Smart Resizing, so you can experiment with flexible layouts in your Canvas. We’re also introducing Sketch Cloud, letting you share your Sketch documents online.

Smart Symbol Resizing

Adapting the same design for different device sizes just got easier. You can now select a layer, and use a dropdown in the Inspector to set how it should behave when its container is resized.

These are the four resizing rules you can apply:

  • Stretch: Resizes the layer and maintains the layer’s original position.
  • Pin to corner: Automatically pins the layer to the nearest corner and does not resize if changes are made.
  • Resize: Will resize the layer when its parent group is resized — this is the default behavior you’re familiar with. This is optimal when you want the relationship between layers to stay the same, no matter the size, as in creating icons.
  • Float in place: The layer does not resize, but its position’s percentage is maintained.

Furthermore, you can now resize individual Symbol instances and apply the smart rules to layers inside the Symbol. Now you no longer need to create multiple Symbols when designing for different screen sizes. To see it in action, download the 39 update and use elements from our iOS UI design template (File > New From Template > iOS UI Design). To learn more about this new feature, read more in our Documentation.

Sketch Cloud

Sketch 39 introduces the first glimpse into an exciting feature — Sketch Cloud, a service that allows you to share your designs from Sketch to the world. We have many plans for its future, and we’re excited to hear your feedback.

Sketch Cloud is currently in beta and we’ll be rolling out access gradually over the coming weeks. You can sign up for our waiting list now (via the Cloud panel in Sketch’s preferences), and you’ll receive sign in details as we roll it out. Once signed in, you will be able to upload your document via the Cloud Toolbar item and receive a link you can share. In addition, you’ll be able to manage your shared documents. Please note that in the beta, uploaded documents will be viewable for 30 days.

Other New Features

We also made a few other improvements in response to your feedback. Some highlights include:

  • You can now right-click any layer to replace it with an instance of an existing Symbol.
  • You now have the ability to set image fills on layers to ‘Fit’.
  • You can now export Artboards to PDF in a left-to-right order and adjust the preferences to your liking.
  • You can now quickly switch between Artboards using the fn+left/right arrow keys.
  • You now have the ability to specify the scale origin in the Scale sheet.

As always, you can check out the complete list of updates.

We hope you’ll download this free update, and see what’s new for yourself! Sketch 39 also introduces our new system for numbering updates, and follows on from Sketch 3.8.3. Read more about these changes in our previous blog post. Please note Sketch 39 requires Mac OS 10.10 or higher to run.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any feedback, feature requests, or bug reports via our support page. You can also join the conversation in our Facebook group or Twitter.

Let’s continue to make Sketch better, together!

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