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Inside Sketch

Welcome to Beyond the Canvas, our new home for all things design

We’ve been hard at work building a new space for design inspiration, news, resources and tutorials

Today we’re relaunching our blog with a new name, a new look, and an even greater focus on design. Welcome to Beyond the Canvas!

Sketch, and beyond

We want Beyond the Canvas to be more than just ‘The Sketch blog’. We see this as a place where our contributors can put forward big ideas, share work that’s inspired them, or walk you through something new. Whether it’s an article about a new way to approach design, or a roundup of our favorite designs from last year, we’re sure you’ll find something to pique your interest.

Of course, this will still be a home for Sketch stuff, too — so you’ll also find behind-the-scenes content, new feature announcements, and stories from people using Sketch to make cool stuff.

Whatever you’re looking for, we hope Beyond the Canvas can give it to you — and maybe even earn a place in your bookmarks bar. For now, enjoy this new thing we made!

This is the result of months of hard work from a number of people across our design, web and content teams — I want to say a huge thank you for all their hard work since the start of this project. I’m so excited we can finally share it with the world!

Got an idea for how we can make the blog even better? Drop us a line on Twitter. We’ll be improving things regularly in the next few months, so now’s the best time to share if you have a great idea that could make Beyond the Canvas the best it can be.

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