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New in Sketch: Faster group navigation, new Apple device presets and more

Version 77 of the Mac app is out now. With this update, we’ve made it faster to drill down into groups in your documents. Now, after you’ve double-clicked the first group on the Canvas, quickly following up with single clicks will dive down deeper.

Elsewhere, you’ll find new Apple device presets in the Artboard selector. And did you know you can use math in most of Sketch’s text fields? Well, we’ve now added support for exponents (aka powers) with the ^ sign.

We also heard you loud and clear when it came to the export bar that appears at the bottom of the Canvas when you export a file. Now, the bar will automatically disappear after 10 seconds, and we’ll never show more than one at a time — so you can focus on the work on your Canvas.

And, as always, we’ve squashed some pesky bugs and improved performance based on your feedback. We hope you enjoy the update!