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Director Of Marketing Operations

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    Full-time remote

Over one million designers — from freelancers, to some of the world’s largest companies — use Sketch to transform their ideas into incredible products. Over the last ten years, we’ve helped define the UI design software category and we’re proud to help designers worldwide create great products.

Our Marketing team has grown to over 30 people, divided into Social, CRM/Campaigns, Web, Content and PR verticals. We’re looking for a Marketing Operations Director to lead these results-oriented teams and guarantee they grow aligned with the company and marketing goals. Each Manager from these teams will report to you, and you will report into the CMO. The team is mainly based on European timezones, although some of us work from the Americas.

About Sketch

We’re a company of diverse thinkers and doers who take pride in always improving our product. We share a vision and commitment to help each other — and our customers — create great work.

We’ve been fully remote since day one. It’s meant we can bring together incredible people from around the world. 

We encourage our people to be themselves and embrace what makes us unique. We value different backgrounds, perspectives and experience, and we strongly believe this is key to achieving outstanding results.

We work asynchronously as much as we can. Our team communicates mostly in writing, using Slack and Notion. When we need it, we also have video calls. We believe in collaboration and knowledge-sharing, and we provide the environment and tools you need to do your best work.

Your responsibilities

This is a key hire for 2022, and a new role in Marketing. We’re looking for for a highly experienced operator and a capable organiser of teams and people. Your primary goal will be to optimise our team operations so that we can deliver impactful marketing results.

In this role you will:

  • Work with the various marketing teams to foster collaboration. You’ll create and maintain the right processes to support cross-team collaboration and to make sure we ship marketing projects/campaigns on time and to spec.
  • Develop a strong working relationship with the managers, and the rest of the team, to help improve our overall impact — both internally and externally. One of your missions will be to  help our teams be more autonomous and efficient, while achieving the best outcomes.
  • Recognise that managers are fundamental to the success of the marketing teams — and help them be the best people leaders and coaches they can be. As well as giving your managers clear directions and expectations, and setting them personal goals, you’ll also coach them to manage their team members and help them handle performance evaluations, career development, etc. You’ll also help them manage conflicts and problems, keeping our day-to-day operations running smoothly.
  • Work with each team to identify to prioritise roadmaps and workstacks, whether that’s focused on acquisition, in-life or retention activity. From this, you will identify and set the right metrics in order to clearly show attribution of our efforts.
  • Strengthen relationships with our product and operations teams, making sure how we work together is effective, mutually beneficial and furthers our company goals. This will include planning sessions so we have a clear line of sight of the projects that Marketing will need to provide support for.
  • Partner with People Ops to build comprehensive, effective and goal-based hiring processes. You’ll coach the hiring managers in your team to collaborate with People Ops as well, and understand how to make hiring both respectful and efficient.
  • Find opportunities to keep your team happy and efficient. That includes getting them the right training and knowledge to do their jobs effectively, as well as finding team-building opportunities, which are particularly important in a fully remote organization.
  • Deputise where needed, and advance plan for periods of cover, when managers are away for extended periods to maintain team continuity.

Who are we looking for

  • Experience counts, as does a proven track record when it comes to proving your ability to succeed in this role. You’ll have a well rounded set of skills in the areas of measuring and evaluating marketing performance, strategic planning, developing and improving the overall marketing process.
  • Sketch is a fast-paced company. We make plans and are organized — but things happen fast. You are a proactive person and have a vision and a plan for your team. You are ready to handle unexpected events — you can’t really prepare for unexpected events, but you can be ready to handle them. And you ask the same from the managers reporting to you.
  • As a Marketing Operations Director, you deal with information constantly. You know that it’s easy to miscommunicate in a fully remote company. You understand the importance of being clear and precise, and you are very careful with details. You make sure you perfectly understand every piece of information before acting upon it or relaying it to someone else. You are also able to adapt your communication style for different people to help get your message across.
  • You are a great listener. You pay attention to people’s differences and make an effort to understand their motivations and expectations. At the same time, you are an energetic person. You show passion for managing the team in every conversation.
  • You are a confident and clear communicator. It’s important you are well versed and are able to navigate product, marketing, sales led conversations and ask the right questions to get clear and actionable information. You don’t settle for the unknown and proactively seek answers or solutions to the challenges we face.
  • Self organisation is key to success in this role. We have a large team and broad remit which means simultaneous projects running in parallel. All of which needs to be delivered in a remote environment on time, and to plan.
  • You have high quality standards and you don’t settle for so-so solutions. You create processes that solve specific problems without creating new ones. You get straight to the point in verbal and written communication, removing unnecessary noise.
  • You know that at heart of our success is a great team of people. Removing or resolving friction, be it process or people-related, comes naturally to you. You care deeply about developing great working relationships.


  • 5+ years experience in marketing
  • 3+ years in a remote operations role inc. team leadership - with the results to back it up
  • Strong strategic, analytical, project management and communication (oral and written) skills
  • Strong problem-solving skills and proven ability to collaborate effectively inside a broad and diverse organisation
  • Experience with BI tools/reporting and advanced data analytics skills including GA and SEO
  • Experience building relationships from scratch, and maintaining them, at the most senior levels within an organization
  • Experienced in building managing and developing teams in a remote environment
  • Experience working in a SaaS environment and/or with design software
  • You’re able to work full-time and are based in European / African timezones.

Bonus Points

  • If you’re an experienced user of Sketch, that's a clear bonus!
  • Qualification that shows expertise of effective people management (e.g. CMI)
  • Knowledge of Notion
  • Knowledge of Slack
  • SaaS experience
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