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Graphics Software Engineer, Rendering Team

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    Full-time remote

Sketch is a design platform with an award-winning native Mac app and browser-based collaboration tools. Thousands of design teams use our product to transform their ideas into incredible products every day. Over the last ten years, we’ve helped define the UI design software category and we’re proud to help designers worldwide create great products. And right now, we’re looking for 2D graphics software engineers to join us.

Your role at Sketch

We work with empowered product teams that truly own what they do — delivering new features and improving the technology foundations of our platform. As a 2D graphics software engineer, you’ll be working on the Rendering team, which as its name suggests, focuses on rendering in all our platforms (Mac, Web, Backend) and contributes to a smooth and pleasant experience for our users.

Together with other graphics software engineer, you’ll work on a global rendering strategy to make sure all the necessary building blocks are extensible, fast, efficient, and accurate. In the Rendering team, we collaborate with other teams to create the tools that will allow them to build new features on all platforms, and we also have our own roadmap to improve and evolve those foundations.

About you

We’re looking for someone who loves computer graphics and loves building user products. This is the role for you if you have passion for using your graphics knowledge to empower other developers to build advanced features, but also if you like to innovate in the area – opening new opportunities for Sketch.

You’re ideal for the job if you’re a dedicated team player with a keen eye for detail. Teamwork, collaboration, and communication are central to your daily routine (especially as you’ll be working remotely). We value every year of experience in your field, but experience isn't the be-all and end-all. It's just as important that you have the passion and knowledge to build high-quality software.

You care about code quality, scalability, performance, and simplicity. Above all, you seek operational excellence and apply the best engineering practices possible. Not everything that you or your team do can be perfect, but you make sure that you always know the trade-offs. You back your decisions with arguments. You don't care for hype and always try to find the best solution and technology for the job and its context.

You’re a pragmatist and understand technology as the medium to build products. You understand the right balance between code readability, simplicity, development speed, performance, and maintainability.

You value teamwork, knowledge sharing, autonomy, and ownership. You care about your team, and contribute to an environment of psychological safety and a healthy work culture.

Working at Sketch

We’re a company of diverse thinkers and doers who take pride in always improving our product. We share a vision and commitment to help each other — and our customers — create great work.

We’ve been fully remote since day one. It’s meant we can bring together incredible people from around the world. You’ll join over 75 Mac, backend, frontend, QA and infrastructure engineers in the Technology team, based everywhere from Scotland to South Africa – from Lithuania to the US.

We encourage our people to be themselves and embrace what makes them unique. We value different backgrounds, perspectives and experience, and we strongly believe this is key to achieving outstanding results.

We work asynchronously as much as we can. Our team communicates mostly in writing, using Slack and GitHub. When we need it, we also have video calls. We have a culture of collaboration and knowledge-sharing, and we provide the environment and the tools you need to do your best work.


  • You’re passionate about computer graphics and have broad technical skills and solid software engineering foundations.
  • You enjoy working as part of a close-knit team. Together with your colleagues, you’ll code, review Pull Requests, deploy to production, etc. As part of a distributed team, you believe in maintaining detailed documentation.
  • You can write and maintain high-quality and well-tested code. You can also prepare a fast proof of concept when you need to.
  • You have a good understanding of 2D vector graphics pipelines, from low-level primitives to display on screen.
  • You can understand and design the architecture of an application with several components using different technologies and platforms.
  • You have experience or can quickly learn to work with our technology stack: C++, Swift, Core Graphics, Skia, Metal, WebGL, WebAssembly
  • You have excellent communication skills and written English, are self-motivated, and comfortable working in a remote position.
  • You’re based in European/African time zones.

We care about your wellbeing and your professional success, so you’ll get:

  • Full time employment, with a flexible schedule
  • International environment and working culture
  • As many vacation days as you need
  • Whatever training you need to develop in your job
  • The hardware you need
  • The option to work anywhere in GMT-5 to GMT+2 timezones.
  • Company equity
  • Paid family leave
  • An annual company meetup (when possible)
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