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Come and join our talented team where we want passionate people to help us build Sketch, the award-winning Mac application for designers.

Technical Support Specialist

We are building a Customer Support team based on the idea of helping people with honesty. We believe in assisting customers efficiently and humbly, while helping the rest of our company to better understand our user base.

Your mission as a Customer Support Specialist will be test and reproduce customers' technical issues, and ultimately help find the solutions. It's not just about solving problems, though. This process also provides valuable insight into our design, development and QA teams.

For that reason, you'll have to be proactive but flexible, and empathic but candid. We truly believe in communicative people who can liaise with the rest of the company while providing honest and authoritative technical help to our customers. You'll have to show deep technical knowledge in macOS, Sketch and design, all shaped from a Customer Support perspective.

What does an average day as a Technical Support Specialist at Sketch look like?

We're a growing team with a simple approach to Customer Support that involves no escalations or tiers — so you'll have to be flexible and reliable.

A typical day begins with tackling any pending emails in your inbox and helping customers resolve their issues. You'll then need to respond to technical issues, prioritising different aspects that can vary depending on the context: if there's been a recent release, if there's a known bug which we already have the solution for, or if there's a specific request or need from inside the team that we should check out.

During your day, you'll be talking constantly with people inside the Customer Support team, and elsewhere within Sketch, to either get or give help.

Over time, we will use your feedback on this workflow to help us refine it and become even more effective at helping our customers.

What are you going to learn?

We provide a flexible and ever-changing environment that will shape you as a resourceful specialist, with deep knowledge in design concepts of UX/UI and bug tracking. You'll be in contact with different people of several countries around the world and you'll be part of a fast-growing company that you'll help to develop and improve.

As a remote organization

We believe are three key attributes to working successfully within a remote organization. You'll need excellent communication skills, as well as good written and spoken English. You'll need to be self-motivated and be comfortable working in a remote position. And you'll need the ability to follow up on pending issues and parallel tasks closely and methodically.

We believe in

Honest, authoritative and effective technical support. You'll have to show empathy to understand the customers' needs and experience in providing technical solutions for them. You'll have a natural willingness to help and you're able to apply your deep technical knowledge into an understandable and reachable solution. In addition, you'll be capable of deploying these skills with speed and reliability.

The ideal candidate

  • Is familiar with Sketch and has experience providing complex technical support within macOS and design environments.
  • Has experience tracking bugs and working closely with other departments.
  • Has superb communication skills and a natural willingness to help people.
  • Is located in a timezone within the Americas, preferably around the Eastern Time Zone (EDT).
Apply for This Position Even if you're not able to tick all of these boxes, we would still love to hear from you.