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With Sketch Labs, we’re opening our doors and bringing more people who are passionate about Sketch into our research process. It’s free and simple to sign up. And by joining and taking part, you’ll get great perks in return.

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What is Sketch Labs?

We continuously ask ourselves how Sketch can be even better. And our incredible product team make that their mission every day. But we know that our community can play a part in that mission, too.

Everyone is unique and has their own ways of working. And your feedback and ideas help shape our product and empower design teams around the world. That’s what Sketch Labs is all about.

By joining, you’ll get an inside look at our product development process, and help test drive new features and upcoming releases.

We’ll work together to figure out what your needs are, what works for you, what doesn’t, and where the gaps are. With your feedback, we’ll be able to make Sketch even better for everyone.

What happens if I sign up?

When we have an idea for a new feature, or when something we’ve been working on is ready for testing — we’ll send out an invitation to you and other members of Sketch Labs to join a Labs session.

Labs sessions can take many forms (we’ve outlined a few of the most common types below), and you don’t have to take part in all of them — every session is voluntary.

Our Labs sessions are usually remote, so location isn’t an issue — all you need is an internet connection, a Mac, access to Sketch, an inquisitive mind and time to experiment!

How do Labs sessions work?

Labs sessions can work a little differently depending on what we’re testing and the type of feedback we’re looking for. Here are a few examples:

  • User Interviews

    A one-on-one chat with a member of the Sketch Labs team about a specific feature or topic. These usually last around 30 minutes.

  • Usability Testing

    We’ll ask you to complete tasks using Beta versions of Sketch. Don’t worry, it’s not an exam and there’s no judgement! We just want to learn how a solution might work for different people.

    In these sessions, you’ll be chatting one-on-one chat with a researcher from the Sketch team. Occasionally other members of the Sketch team will join to learn and understand your feedback.

  • Concept Testing

    These sessions are similar to Usability Testing, except instead of using a Beta version of Sketch, you’ll be trying out a prototype.

  • Surveys

    We’ll send out a series of questions for you to answer in your own time. Survey sessions aren’t live or moderated, so you won’t need to chat to us in real-time.

  • A/B Testing

    We’ll show you one variant of a design to give feedback on. Most of the time this won’t be live or moderated, but occasionally we’ll ask you to chat through your feedback with a member of the Sketch Labs team in real-time.

  • Diary Study

    We’ll ask you to log your insights during a specific period of time or when a specific event occurs. As the name suggests, it’s quite like writing a diary. We often mix diary studies with moderated and unmoderated sessions.

What do I get in return?

By being a part of Sketch Labs, you’ll be helping us to create an even better product that empowers over a million people around the world. In return, you’ll get:

  • A first look at the future of Sketch with demos from our team and the chance to try new features through our Beta versions.
  • Access to our Sketch Labs Slack workspace, where you can chat with the Sketch team, share tips and advice, and find out about upcoming Labs sessions.
  • The chance to win Sketch swag and other prizes.

A few more things...

  • Do I need to prepare for Labs sessions?

    In most cases, no. In some cases, we may ask you to prepare some files for testing or showing us some examples that relate to the topic we’re talking about. If that happens, we’ll be sure to let you know in advance.

  • What are the requirements to be able to participate in Sketch research?

    Sketch Labs take place remotely, so you don’t have to be from a specific country. We work with people from around the globe, but we communicate in English. That means we’ll need you to be able to talk to us in English (and, in some cases, write in English).

    You must be 18 years of age or older in order to join Sketch Labs.

  • Will my feedback be confidential?

    Absolutely! We’ll keep your feedback confidential and never share it with any third party organizations. It’s for our internal use only.

  • What will you do with my personal information?

    We will use your personal information for internal purposes only and will never share with third party organizations. We’ll store your information in a secure database that only appropriate members of the Sketch team can access.

  • Can you delete my data?

    Yes. We can delete the data you have shared with us. Send an email to and we will take care of it.

  • What happens if I want to leave Sketch Labs?

    Being a part of Sketch Labs is entirely voluntary and you can choose which Labs sessions to take part in. But if you want to leave Sketch Labs entirely, send an email to and we’ll take care of the rest.