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A Big Thank You

A Big Thank You

After months of hard work, we have finally released Sketch 3.0 to the world.

It’s been over two years since 2.0 came out, and during that time our number one feature request had been Symbols, so we knew we had to include those. It was also clear that some other elements needed updating; Exporting needed a boost and we felt we found a way to improve the inspector.

Ultimately though, the thing that we think makes Sketch 3.0 a great update is the time and effort we put into the little details. Many of these originated from talking with customers through various channels. In particular, some of our most loyal beta testers have been of tremendous importance, so our first big thank-you goes to them.

Back when we released 2.0, Bohemian was just Pieter and Emanuel, doing everything from development and design of the app itself to making the website and handling support.

Since then, the team has expanded, and without a few extra hands we’d never have been able to get such a big update out this fast. A big thanks to Sam Deane, Christopher Downer and Nuno Rocha for all the hard work they put into this release.

We were also able to outsource some important tasks: Alberto Calvo has been amazing in designing and coding a worthy website to Sketch. Likewise, Carlos Melegrito has made a great video to highlight some of the new features. If you need either of these jobs done, both Alberto and Carlos come highly recommended by us. :-)

The last enormous thank-you goes to all our customers, fans and the various community sites who have supported Sketch over the years and did so much to help make it better.

And with all that said, we’ll be going back to a full inbox and starting work on the next release. To that effect, the first public beta of 3.0.1 has just been released. If you’ve had Artboard preset or QuickLook problems, give it a try and let us know if it fixes them.

And rest assured, if your particular feature request didn’t make it into Sketch 3.0, we have plenty more in the works for the coming months and years. Stay tuned…

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