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An isometric illustration showing a closed laptop with a diamond logo on the lid. Light is emanating out the top of the laptop, and floating above it is an illustrated Sketch window with sparkles around it and an orange polygon where the Canvas is.
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Everything you need to know about the Sketch Mac app

Does Sketch have real time collaboration? Find out inside! (Spoiler alert: Yes it does)

Our mission with Sketch has always been a simple one: to make the best possible tool for designers. We started this over 12 years ago with a great Mac app — and since then, we’ve seen the importance of design grow exponentially.

But while the design landscape has changed, our purpose remains the same: to give you a set of tools that help you get work done and support the entire creative process. So while Sketch now offers those — in the form of a Workspace and web app — our native Mac app is still at the core of what we do.

Real-time collaboration (and so much more)

Want to hear something wild? We’ve had real-time collaboration in our Mac app for almost two years. And yet some people still don’t know about it. Whatever — the main thing is, right now you can jump into a document and design alongside as many other people as you like, seeing their changes as they happen.

With real-time collaboration, you can design alongside others from a single source of truth and see their changes as they make them.

And that’s just the start. New prototyping tools. Color Tokens. Artboard Templates. Automatic Library downloads. We’ve added a ton of cool stuff recently that we think you’ll love — all building on what we think is already the best native Mac editor available today. And we have plenty more to come — including commenting, which is available right now in the web app, and coming to the Mac app soon.

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The power of native design

We’re proud to build a truly native Mac app. It brings so many benefits — from personalization and performance to familiarity and flexibility. And while our web app is an amazing place to bring your whole team together, we still believe the Mac is the perfect place to let your ideas and imagination flourish.

We’re proud to build a truly native Mac app. It brings so many benefits — from personalization and performance to familiarity and flexibility.

And there are plenty of reasons to love it. You can customize shortcuts and toolbar icons. You benefit from features like P3 color profiles and Dark Mode. You have the freedom to work on local files when your internet goes down — or if you want to design on a plane or up a mountain. And we can build on Apple’s tried and tested frameworks, improving everything from battery life to accessibility.

Best of all, we’ve painstakingly designed our Mac app to fit right in with the rest of macOS. It’s hard to quantify, but Sketch doesn’t just look at home on your Mac — it’ll also feel familiar from the second you open it. That means your learning curve is lower, and you can get straight on with what you do best.

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