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Everything you need to know about the Sketch web app

What can you do in the Sketch web app? From commenting to handoff, we’ve got the answers you need…

Myth-busting time! Turns out some people still seem to think that Sketch is “only a Mac app”. That might’ve been the case when we launched 12 years ago, but it’s a very different design tool today.

Sketch is now a fully integrated platform for design and collaboration, combining the best native Mac editor with tools that work in any web browser — on any operating system.

Sketch tools in any browser

What does that mean? To start with, you can browse all your documents, organize them how you want, and access them anywhere. Then invite anyone you want to view and test out prototypes and browse designs — from any device.

You can also leave feedback right on the Canvas as comments, giving every conversation more context. Plus, we’ve built a full set of handoff tools, so developers can inspect designs and download production-ready assets, right from their favorite browser. Including Color Tokens, which help your designs and development projects stay perfectly in sync.

Color Tokens give you an always-up-to-date set of values that match the Color Variables in your document or Library. Giving you effortless consistency across design and development.

There’s no need to pay for extra apps or integrations to do any of this. Simply save a file to your Workspace and you’ll be able to make the most of all of these tools and features. Developers don’t even need the Mac app for handoff.

Better still, you can invite people to your Workspace to do all of this for free.

Like what you hear? Sign up for free to get started — no credit card required!

Try it right now

Want to try it right now? No problem! The geniuses behind our website have managed to embed the web app experience right into this page 🤯 Try clicking through the Inspector tabs to inspect elements and add comments. Or, if you’re on mobile, watch the video to get a walkthrough of the web app in action.

Try it here!
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